ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE (ATP): It is a complex organic chemical that is a precursor to DNA. ATP provides energy to fuel living cells.

ARGIRELINE: A hexapeptide and substrate of Botulinum Extract that inhibits muscle contraction to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

ALOE VERA: A botanical extract that calms, soothes and conditions the skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

ALLANTOIN: A naturally occurring compound that supports cell metabolism. It supports with sensitivity by soothing and calming the skin.

ALPINE WILLOWHERB: A botanical extract cultivated in the Swiss Alps that regulates sebum, clearing pores and improving the general health and clarity of the skin.

ASHWAGANDHA: Amino acid and Anolide complex derived from Ashwagandha Root helps to protect skin from blue light damage.

NATURAL AHA COMPLEX LIQUID: A combination of three Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that act as a gentle exfoliant, removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh illuminated skin.

AMINO ACID COMPLEX: a complex of amino acids and nucleotides that provides photoprotection; a biochemical process that helps cells survive from damage caused by solar radiation

AHA FRUIT COMPLEX: a proprietary blend of fruit acids that will exfoliate, retexturise and refine the  complexion.

BOTANICAL JUICE COMPLEX: A powerful complex that protects against environmental pollution.

BAKUCHIOL: A powerful, retinol-like botanic extract that stimulates cell turnover to combat texture, fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation.

BETA GLUCANS: A sugar compound found in the cell walls of bacteria, yeast, fungi and plants that helps to reduce inflammation, hydrate and protect the skin against external aggressors. 

CALMING BOTANICAL COMPLEX: A blend of Mexican Giant Hyssop, Rosemary and Bisabolol (constituent of German Chamomile), this botanic complex will reduce skin stresses, inflammation, sensitivity and redness 

CALENDULA OFFICINALIS EXTRACT: An anti-inflammatory botanical extract that stimulates healing and nourishes the skin.

CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT: A botanical extract that supports collagen synthesis and improves the tensile strength of the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

PURIFIED CENTELLA ASIATICA: A botanical extract that encourages collagen synthesis to tighten and lift the complexion.

CAFFEINE: A natural compound that revitalises, energises, and increases microcirculation. Minimises dark circles and mild puffiness.

COPPER CHLOROPHYLL: A synthetic chlorophyll made up of a mixture of sodium- copper salts, which helps to promote skin repair and reduce discolouration.

COENZYME Q10: is a naturally occurring compound found in the energy banks of each human cell. It protects oxidative damage as well as increases cellular energy.

CLEOME GYNADRA: A botanical extract that controls sebum production, balances and conditions the skin while reducing inflammation.

COLLOIDAL SILVER: Microscopic silver particulates suspended in water that has anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

COLLOIDAL SULPHUR: A suspension of fine sulphur particles in water that has antibacterial properties to combat blemishes.

GLUTATHIONE: The human body’s own antioxidant. Glutathione protects cells against oxidative damage and supports the healthy production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in the skin.

GOLD EXTRACT: A mineral extract that brightens, evens skin tone, and improves circulation.

GOJI GLYCOPEPTIDES: A dual purpose glycopeptide provides an instant tightening effect resulting in diminished fine lines and wrinkles while also protecting the skin from stress and degradation from the everyday causes of aging

PURE GOLD: Gold particles improve microcirculation to improve its radiance while adding a subtle lustre that enhances skin.

GLUCOSIDE COMPLEX: A molecule obtained from glucose transfer that inhibits the activity of specific receptors sensitive to temperatures and food-related stress.

GREEN TEA: A botanical extract that is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

HYALURONIC ACID: A humectant naturally occurring in our bodies that captures and retains moisture in the skin, improving hydration and causing a plumping effect.

HONEY: A nutritious liquid produced by bee colonies from collected nectar. It is used for the skin to help clarify, soothe, hydrate and protect against aggressors.

KOJIC ACID: A by-product of rice fermentation that regulates melanin production to alleviate post inflammatory hyperpigmentation scarring and prevent new ones from forming.

GIANT KELP: A botanical seaweed extract that is rich in minerals, iodine and antioxidants to heal, nourish and reduce irritation.

LACTIC ACID: An Alpha Hydroxy Acid that exfoliates, retextures and brightens while being gentle on the skin.

LOTUS ROOT EXTRACT: A botanical extract that soothes, nourishes and stimulates healing within the skin.

LIQUORICE ROOT: A powerful botanical tyrosinase inhibitor that brightens, evens skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation

Matrixyl®3000: A potent peptide-group that strengthens the skin and stimulates extracellular matrix production, smoothing lines and wrinkles while improving tone and elasticity.

MICROALGAE: An extract taken from the cell-wall of plankton that promotes clear skin by balancing the skin’s microbiome.

MOISTURE COMPLEX: A deeply hydrating complex made from proteins, hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts that plumps and prevents epidermal water loss.

MORINGA PEPTIDES: An advanced peptide which defends against environmental aggressors. It also purifies the complexion by removing polluted micro-particles from the skin’s surface.

NAC Y2: A fusion of three ingredients that all improve antioxidant levels, providing the optimum environment for collagen and elastin production and reducing the effects of environmental damage.

NIACINAMIDE: A form of Vitamin B3 which restores important lipids in skin, while providing anti-inflammatory and brightening properties to combat uneven skin tone and blemishes.

PANTHENOL: A form of Vitamin B5, it soothes, softens and moisturises the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

PEPTIDE COMPLEX: A peptide complex that aids to stimulate collagen synthesis, reinforcing the epidermis and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

DEPUFFING PEPTIDE COMPLEX: A patented tetrapeptide complex that depuffs. It prevents liquid accumulating under the eyes, as well as inhibiting collagen breakdown to fortify the skin.

POLYGUTAMIC ACID: A molecule able to hold 4 times as much water as hyaluronic acid. PGA hydrates, improves skin elasticity, and helps support healthy levels of hyaluronic acid levels.

PROGELINE: A biomimetic peptide that decreases deterioration of the extracellular matrix, firming and sculpting the skin.

PHOSPHOLIPIDS: A class of lipids that are a major component of cell membranes; they help to protect the natural moisture levels of skin.

POMEGRANATE EXTRACT: An enzymatic fruit extract that exfoliates, resurfaces and retextures the skin; reduces the appearance of open pores.

VOLULIP PEPTIDES: A peptide that plumps the lips by natural hyaluronic acid synthesis and improves lip shape and texture.

PEPTIDIC MICROALGAE COMPLEX: An extract from brown microalgae and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate that reduces tyrosinase activity and reduces dark spots. 

QUEBRACHO WOOD: A botanical extract that contains Tannic Acid which has potent antioxidant and astringent properties, used to treat inflammation and reactive skin with its antiallergenic effects.

ROSEHIP: A botanical extract from wild rose hips high in Vitamin C that repairs the skin and diminishes fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

RETINOL: Part of the Vitamin A family, retinol works by increasing cell turnover speed to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture.

ROSE: A botanical extract high in antioxidants which helps to protect the skin against external aggressors. Rose also soothes irritated skin and reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent dehydration

ROSE FLOWER WATER: Rose water extracted from rose petals helps to hydrate, balance and calm the skin

RIBOSE: A type of sugar extracted from corn seeds that helps to stimulate the synthesis of ATP and increase cell metabolic activity to energise the skin.

ROSEMARY HYDROLAT: Extracted from rosemary via steam distillation. It has antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary water helps to soothe and calm irritation, reduce redness, hydrate.

ROSE QUARTZ: Fine particles of precious mineral that mechanically buffs away surface dead skin cells to refresh and revitalise the complexion.

SEAWEED EXTRACT: A botanical extract that stimulates detoxifying systems in the skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles and protect the skin from external aggressors.

SILK AMINO ACIDS: A water-soluble silk extract that conditions and intensely hydrates the skin.

SODIUM PCA: A humectant derived from amino acids that binds moisture to skin cells and increases skin softness.

SALICYLIC ACID: A Beta Hydroxy Acid derived from Willow Bark that unbinds the “glue” that holds together dead skin. Salicylic effectively exfoliates and unclogs pores.

SAW PALMETTO: A botanical extract from the Saw Palmetto plant with antiseptic and sebum regulating properties.

TEGO NATURAL BETAINE: A naturally derived amino acid obtained from sugar beet that reduces trans epidermal water loss, moisturises, and nourishes the skin.

ULTRA FILLING SPHERES: Dehydrated microspheres derived from konjac and hyaluronic acid that swells with moisture underneath the skin to plump and smooth.

UREA: A humectant that plays an active part in our natural moisturising factor (NMF) to keep skin hydrated, protected and working efficiently.

B VITAMIN COMPLEX: A powerful combination of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 that supports healthy skin. This complex reduces pigmentation, fine lines, dryness, redness and irritation.

VITAMIN COMPLEX: A potent combination of Vitamin A, C, E, F and H to help repair damaged skin and protect against environmental pollution.

VITAMIN C: A potent antioxidant that protects the skin against photo-damage, stimulates collagen synthesis and fights against free-radical damage, helping to reduce wrinkles and discolouration

WU-ZHU-YU: A botanical extract that boosts microcirculation, brightens and gives the skin radiance.

WITCH HAZEL: A botanical extract that improves elasticity, shields against photo ageing, increases firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

WHEAT PROTEIN: A botanical extract that is high in amino acids and glutamine. It promotes skin firmness and hydration.

YARROW: a bio-resurfacing botanic extract that brightens, retexturises, and accelerates cell turnover.


Our Manufacturing Processes

As the scale of our business continues to grow we frequently transition between different suppliers depending on capacity needs. All aspects of the product including key active ingredients and componentry remain the same.

Whilst we may produce a small number of units with our longstanding Far East manufacturer for beauty box partnerships, all raw materials are sourced from our regular suppliers within Europe and the USA to ensure the integrity, efficacy, fragrance and texture of our products remain at a consistently premium quality.