The key skincare essentials to pack on your travels

The key skincare essentials to pack on your travels
In partnership with Citizen Femme at Bulgari Hotel London, we discovered the glow-boosting 111SKIN formulas that beauty insiders are using to prep their skin for summer…


If you travel a lot for work or play, then youll probably be aware that switching time-zones and climates can wreak havoc on your skin. Luckily 111SKIN have a host of surgically-inspired solutions to ensure your complexion is left hydrated and happy throughout your trip. Below is our edit of skincare essentials that should be in everyone’s suitcase or carry-on.

1. Ensure skin stays de-stressed and hydrated

Travelling to a very hot (or very cold) region can spell a dry, irritated complexion, which is very sensitive to changes in the weather. A hardworking  moisture will ensure your skin stays hydrated while minimising any stress. Our Repair Day Cream NAC Y²™ is infused with our pioneering healing complex and multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid to leave skin supremely soothed and hydrated at every level.

2. Disguise dark circles after a red eyeflight

Flying across different time zones in the early hours means that tired, red eyes are inevitable. But to lessen the effects, pack our Cryo De-Puffing Eye Mask which contains a special peptide complex to bring down any swelling and banish dark circles.


3. Prevent your skin drying out on the plane

We’re all prone to dehydration, no matter your skin type (yes, even oily skin types!). A hardworking face mask is your best friend in these situations. So as soon as your plane takes off, apply our Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Face Mask which is made from special material and packed full of replenishing actives to create a moisture barrier to keep hydration locked in and leave your skin happy in the bargain. (And of course, drinking plenty of fluids is a must!)


4. Lastly – show off your sun-kissed skin! 

Holiday skincare isn’t all just damage control. If you’re travelling to a warmer climate, then you’ll probably want the rest of your skin, as well as your face, to look its very best. Our Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil with natural oils and extracts not only leaves skin soft and shimmering, but also works as a handy after-sun treatment, reducing any redness and irritation with damask rose extract and tocopherol. 

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