The Power of Phospholipids

Phospholipids are the protective barrier you never knew your skin needed. With the ability to hydrate and repair skin, Phospholipids are what you need in order to keep your complexion looking nourished and healthy.


Phospholipids provide a barrier for the skin while hydrating and assisting the skin’s reparative functions. They are a type of lipid molecule that are the main component of the cell membrane and are made up of two fatty acids: A phosphate group, and a glycerol molecule.

Phospholipids are described as having heads and tails. The ‘head’ of a Phospholipid is hydrophilic, which means it’s attracted to water, whilst the ‘tail’ of a Phospholipid is hydrophobic, which repels water. Comnines, this gives Phospholipids the ability to attract water and absorbs it which is a crucial component in keeping the skin hydrated.


Phospholipids work like a second skin. They mimic the skin’s natural lipids to seal in any products applied, then help deliver the active ingredients deeper into the epidermal structure.


Phospholipids help hydrating ingredients penetrate the skin. They really are key when it comes to promoting a healthy, hydrated complexion. Whether you suffer with dry or irritated skin, or face colder climates, Phospholipids’ ability to retain moisture will keep the skin looking plump, full and hydrated.
Similarly, for mature skin types where your skin naturally retains less moisture, adding products that contain Phospholipids is a great way to increase the skin’s hydration levels.

Although our skin is built to hang onto moisture there are factors such as age, genes, evaporation and osmotic pressure that can make a difference to how your skin stays moisturised.

As our skin ages, we produce less molecules that trap water in the skin and almost every layer of the dermis gets weaker. Therefore, incorporating products that are rich in texture and have the power to help skin hang onto hydration will help maintain optimal moisture levels.


Our Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream is a concentrated, nourishing formula designed to cushion the skin in a protective barrier as it hydrates and assists skin repair. Rich in texture, it infuses the skin with anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients to help aid recovery from daily environmental aggressors. Phospholipids in this formula, have a shield-like effect. They lock in moisture while the Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the deeper layers of the skin to give a plumping effect.

This overnight cream is also powered by our proprietary antioxidant complex, NAC Y2™, and ideal for those with dry, damaged or dehydrated skin. This helps to create the ideal environment for collagen synthesis. As well as increasing the skin’s elasticity, collagen strengthens the epidermal layer and works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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