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Dr Yannis can you share with us the story behind the creation of 111SKIN and what motivated you to start your own skincare brand?

111SKIN is a doctor-driven brand – founded by myself and my wife, Eva Alexandridis in 2012. During my years as a plastic reconstructive surgeon at 111 Harley St, I trialled many clinical-strength products to assist the healing process of my clients’ post-surgery skin but found them all too aggressive and reactive for their sensitive conditions. Convinced that the ideal post-surgery skincare ointment was non-existent, I took Eva’s suggestion to design my own skin healing formula.

Together with scientists, I created my first product, ‘The Dramatic Healing Serum,’ fueled by my unique reparative complex NAC Y²™. After launching the product to my post-surgery patients at 111 Harley St, they noticed exceptional results and would request more. The potent ingredients intended for speeding up recovery were also age-defying, preserving the skin by fighting external aggressors. Prestigious department store, Harrods, caught wind of the clients’ demand for this product and reached out to launch it into a wider retail environment. In 2012, 111SKIN was born and shelved in Harrods.

To this day, I consistently incorporate advanced, next-generation activities into formulations suitable for sensitive skin. 111SKIN products are inspired by the innovative clinic treatments, evolving patient needs, and my experience with the latest cosmetic technology. My motivation behind this is to create healthy skin for my patients. As a plastic surgeon, the quality of skin plays an immense role in the results of my work.

What sets 111SKIN apart from other skincare brands on the market? What your creams offer?

My background in plastic-surgery sets 111SKIN apart from other skincare brands on the market because our products are surgically-inspired and scientifically-led by my knowledge of the three-dimensional structure of skin. My expertise and understanding of healing in the epidermal layers, translates to the process of anti-aging.

As new advancement in medicine and technology take place, consumers expect clinical results and claims. There are many ‘doctor-led brands’ – yet not all doctors are experts in skin.

When we first launched, we were one of the first doctor-founded brands in the skincare industry. We wanted to bring medical innovations and technology for everyday use whilst creating products which are sensorial and feel luxurious to use.

NAC Y²™ technology has gained significant attention in the skincare industry. Could you explain to us what it is and how it benefits the skin?

NAC Y²™ is a patent complex of ingredients that we use in our products to yield dramatic results by repairing and soothing the skin. The encapsulated formula promotes production of glutathione for unparalleled antioxidant protection. It also stimulates collagen production and strengthening of the skin’s barrier to enhance overall skin health. The technology’s clinically proven visible results include diminishing fine lines, improving pigmentation and reducing texture.

How do you approach the development and formulation of new skincare products at 111SKIN?

111SKIN products are inspired by my medical experience at 111 Harley St. and my patients’ ever-evolving needs. Having regular face time with global beauty-enthusiasts, I am able to foresee beauty trends ahead of the wider skincare industry. For example, 111SKIN’s newest product launch, the ‘Wrinkle Erasing Retinol Patches,’ were inspired by the increasing popularity of mesotherapy in my clinic.

Mesotherapy involves injecting a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals into the lower epidermal, producing age-defying results. The Wrinkle Erasing Retinol Patches are a needle-free solution to this. The product combines my unique retinol-based formula in a transdermal delivery system. Each patch is designed with a precise number of microcones according to the target treatment area, physically penetrating the skin at 0.35mm for 100% absorption. This new technology features microcones that are more concentrated per surface area than ever before, to dramatically target wrinkles and pigmentation. I am thrilled with the instant results this product provides and excited that 111SKIN can introduce a new synergy of ingredients and technology to the Western Market.

How can we get healthy skin at home?

Following a consistent routine is the key to achieving healthy skin at home. I like to start my day with cleansing the skin, followed by toner, eye cream, face serum and moisturiser. The final and essential step is applying a SPF 50+. I would advise anyone seeking visible results from their skincare to invest in a potent eye cream with active ingredients. The skin around the eye area is thinner and more susceptible to ageing and prone to dark circles. Maximising skincare in this area will generate noticeable results.

Do we have to use an expensive cream for achieving better skin?

Expensive does not always translate to high quality. It is important to do your own research into the ingredients and formulas that will benefit your skin-type. In most cases however, products offering high-efficiency usually require rare ingredients and technology that is expensive to produce.

You are very well known for working with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington Whiteley that trust in you for skincare. What have you learned from them?

We are very fortunate that from the beginning of 111SKIN’s journey, we received huge support from the makeup artistry community. Makeup artists require high quality skincare products that provide visible results to create the perfect canvas for their work. Through word-of-mouth, 111SKIN products became popular amongst many artists and as a result, were introduced and recommended to their clients, a lot of whom were celebrities, supermodels, and royalty etc. Off the back of these introductions, we have received huge amounts of organic celebrity endorsement.

111SKIN’s relationship with celebrities is organic and built entirely off their fondness for our products as we do not partake in paid partnerships. We keep our celebrity brand friends in the loop with our newest launches and in return they mention us in magazine interviews or across their social channels. The fantastic coverage from A-listers is a testament to the quality of 111SKIN’s products as these individuals have access to the best products in the market and choose to use ours.

Should we change our creams when we get older, 40, 50, 60 years…?

With age, our skin reduces collagen production, becomes drier and prone to fine lines. As the skin-type changes, I recommend that a skincare routine is adapted accordingly. Although I encourage people to practise ‘prevention’ by maintaining a skincare routine from a young age, there are age-defying formulas available to use once ageing signs become prominent.

111SKIN has two core collections: The Reparative Collection and Black Diamond CollectionThe Reparative collection is focused on everyday healing and protection from external aggressors, led by the products’ encapsulation of NACY2. The range is suitable for all ages and skin types, offering a ‘future proof’ solution for youthful skin.

The Intensive range targets visible signs of ageing through concentrated and potent formulas, including the collection’s signature ingredient: black diamond powder. These products are designed to deliver clinical-level actives deeper into the epidermis to improve pigmentation, texture, and fine lines. For example, 111SKIN’s Black Diamond Cream is:

  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 32%*
  • Clinically proven to improve skin firmness by 47%**
  • Clinically proven to brighten skin by 30%***

What is the perfect skincare routine for day and night, retinol yes or no?

To optimise the efficiency of skincare products, it’s important to apply them in a particular sequence. Following cleanser, products should be applied in order of viscosity, from lowest to highest. The only exception here is with oils, which should always be applied at the end of a routine.

For skincare beginners, I would recommend starting with a simple routine like this to maintain consistency:



For those ready to take their skincare routine a step higher, I would recommend adding in a toner or essence, eye serum and face serum. Toner and essence can be tailored to one’s skin-type (ie. Salicylic acid-based toners/essence can be incorporated for acne-prone skin). The purpose of toner and essence is to prime the skin before applying additional skincare, optimising the skin’s absorption. Adding a serum to your routine can help with anti-aging as the concentrated formulas are high in antioxidants and active ingredients.

A routine involving these additional products would look as follows:

Retinol is an essential in most anti-ageing skincare routines because of its ability to increase cellular turnover, create new collagen proteins, fade pigmentation, and soften rough patches of skin.

Retinol-based products are often stigmatised by side effects of skin-redness and irritation – however, this can easily be avoided. In order to maximise retinol’s performance, 111SKIN’s Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil blends a high-percentage of retinoic concentrate with eight nourishing oils – ensuring skin only experiences the best of its effects.

What is the future of skincare?

Scientifically-led skincare has massively disrupted the beauty industry, especially post-covid. Consumer trends have drifted from a preference for organic derived ingredients to medical-grade formulas that replicate in-clinic results at home.

Beauty brands are increasingly expected to provide an ‘experience,’ behaving as lifestyle brands and offering 360 wellness. 111SKIN is not only a results-driven product brand, in addition to our 300+ global retail spaces, we are present in 90 global 5-star spas, offering the utmost opulent facial and body treatments. Our approach to beauty rituals immerses clients into a 111SKIN wellness universe which is unique to our brand.

Words approved by: Dr Yannis Alexandrides

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111SKIN, is a renowned cosmetic surgeon and innovator in skincare. Informed by over 30 years of medical experience, his pioneering formulas merge science and luxury, delivering unparalleled results globally, redefining skincare standards. 

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*Based on the results of a clinical trial of 30 participants using Primos CR® to analyse wrinkles after 4 weeks.

**Based on the results of a clinical trial of 30 participants using Cutometer® to assess skin firmness after 4 weeks."

***Based on the results of a clinical trial of 30 participants using a colorimeter to assess the glossiness of the skin after 2 weeks.

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