111SKIN is shocked and horrified by the war in Ukraine, by the devastation and destruction it is causing, standing as we do for peace, resolution and empathy. We are particularly concerned for the families being torn apart and the children being separated from their parents.

We are supporting the people of Ukraine with immediate donations to local charities already on the ground, and sending essential supplies with organizations traveling there this week.

These charities are distributing aid, provisions, medical care and shelter both to refugees at the borders, as well as within the country.

Helping those in need - especially women and children - has been a priority for us, since the brand’s inception.

111SKIN will continue to use every means possible to bring urgent aid to the people of Ukraine.


In London, donate duvets, batteries, medicines, torches, shoes, nappies, toiletries (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, sanitary products etc) via:

DM @nidhimakohli, who is organizing a multiple-van drive from NW7 on Friday.

Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, Duke St, London W1K 5BQ

Polish White Eagle Club, 211 Balham High Rd, London SW17 7BQ


111SKIN will continue to support while the country is ravaged by conflict and, through our charitable partnerships, into the future as families try to rebuild.

“Helping has been our priority since I founded the brand with my husband Dr. Yannis Alexandrides. It is where we began, how we have grown and how we will continue to be. We believe that when we work together, we don’t see borders or boundaries, just a wider community. Perhaps because I have personal experience with oppressive communist leadership growing up, this situation has resonated harder than ever. It is our pledge to work with organisations to ensure we never look away."

Eva Alexandridis, Founder & CEO

As the conflict escalates, the exodus of over 2 million refugees fleeing the area for safety continues to rise.

The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, have been working in Ukraine for 24 years and have over a team of 100+ already on the ground. They estimate over 4million people will require aid and protection.

111SKIN has donated £10,000 to support the relief effort directly to the UNHCR. Our donation will be used to help internally displaced people inside Ukraine and refugees who have sought safety abroad, the majority of whom are women and children, the most vulnerable to trauma and violence in situations of mass displacement.

Join us in helping where you can.

Throughout March 111SKIN will be donating 20% of the online sales to help Ukraine.