Why Encapsulated NAC Means True Transformation For Your Skin

Delivering ingredients deeper into the skin than ever before, Dr Yannis Alexandrides’ new encapsulated NAC Y²™ is an industry gamechanger. Here, Beauty Editor, Becci Vallis decodes the science behind the reformulated Reparative Collection and why this pioneering technology is the secret to supercharged skin repair…

It’s not just the ingredients that go into a product that will determine how baby soft and line-free your skin will appear after a few weeks, the delivery system is just as crucial - if not more so. In other words, if the delivery system is shoddy, the active ingredients won’t arrive at where they’re meant to be in the skin, meaning they can’t do their job correctly. It’s like putting half a tank of fuel in your car when you know it needs a full one to get to your destination – it’ll get you halfway there, but it’s just not enough to do the job properly.

Enter our new encapsulated technology, enlisted by founder Dr Yannis Alexandrides to deliver truly transformational results. Allowing our revolutionary NAC Y²™ complex to penetrate deeper into the epidermis it reaches the skin cells before they appear at the surface so it can get to the crux of where skin ageing starts to happen. 

The encapsulation of the NAC complex also means that it’s four times more potent

than before because the deeper delivery and lack of interference from other ingredients ensures that all its youth-boosting benefits remain intact. The result – smoother skin, less fine lines, healthy collagen production, more Hyaluronic Acid and a stronger skin barrier. It’s not quite a magic wand but it’s one of the closest things you’ll find in a real-life formula.



As well as the slow-release superiority the new complex brings to the table, it works deeper into the skin too. 

“Since I created the original Dramatic Healing Serum – our inaugural formula designed to heal skin rapidly after surgery it’s always been about using my surgical expertise and understanding of three-dimensional skin healing to create formulas that work at a deeper cellular level.”

“The latest Niosome encapsulation technology has been harnessed to enhance the delivery of NAC Y²™ allowing it to penetrate the stratum corneum and reach deeper into the epidermis where it reaches live cells and encourages day-to-day skin regeneration to slow the signs of ageing,” adds Dr Yannis.



Not just included in one product, the revolutionary new NAC Y²™ complex has been used within the Eye Lift Gel NAC Y²™, Repair Serum NAC Y²™ and Day Cream NAC Y²™ to create a core routine inspired by the results of surgery. Mimicking the effects of aesthetic procedures that lift, smooth and refine the skin, who needs needles when you’ve got NAC?


Alongside the delivery system, the dosage of actives has also been upped. “It’s four times the strength of its predecessor allowing for a more potent dose of the reparative NAC core ingredient to be delivered,” says Dr Yannis.


The three core ingredients that make up the complex remain the same – NAC, Vitamin C and Escin but the newly boosted version of Escin, found in the form of Horse Chestnut extract offers enhanced results. Known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, it works in synergy with NAC and Vitamin C to provide the optimum conditions for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production which benefits all skin types and ages. In short, it’s the solution to a healthy, glowing complexion.


The play off between Vitamin C and NAC is another perfect partnership. “We discovered that when applied together it pushed their potential further. NAC stimulates glutathione production (the body’s most powerful antioxidant) while Vitamin C extends that production for longer,” explains Dr Yannis.


And we all know how crucial antioxidants are for staving off free radicals caused by factors such as pollution and sun damage. Sparking oxidative stress within the skin cells, free radicals are one of the biggest culprits for triggering lines, dullness, dark spots and a breakdown of collagen and elastin.


But that’s where the consistent release of the antioxidant glutathione comes in to save the day. Acting like a superhero for your skin cells by batting away the free radicals that threaten to disturb the homeostasis. The fact that it aids tissue-building and repair is another secret weapon it has in its toolkit.



Striving to make purposeful products inspired by surgical procedures, achieving amazing results is what keeps us sparking and keeps your skin in the best condition it can be. Always ensuring our formulas are exceptional, clinicals show that the Repair Serum NAC Y²™ can restore healthy skin in two weeks and instantly improve hydration by 165% while the Day Cream NAC Y²™ is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle count by 81% after four weeks of use.


The encapsulated formula also means less preservatives are needed which means more room for all those active ingredients that glean results. “Encapsulation doesn’t stop microbiological life from developing so preservatives are still required. However, we use the lowest amounts possible. Our airless packaging also helps us restrict the access to air that microbes need,” continues Chloe.


Promising a deeper delivery, ingredients that continue to work over the course of the day and a more potent formula, this next level encapsulation technology is truly transformational. I certainly noticed a difference within days – my skin felt smoother, stayed hydrated (even in the places that I’m prone to dry patches like my forehead) and the fine lines around my eyes became less prominent. It definitely explains why there’s rumours of all the A-lister’s stockpiling the products!

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