The Benefits of Facial Rolling

The Benefits of Facial Rolling

With gua sha stones and facial rollers taking the beauty scene by storm, it’s unsurprising that skincare tools have become a staple in most people’s routines. You’ll often see celebrities, experts and influencers talking about the ‘latest and greatest’ tools on social media, but what are the true benefits of facial rollers? And why should you invest one?

Facial rolling is an age-old art that delivers a range of brightening and tightening skin benefits. More than just a relaxing practice to add onto your skincare routine, facial rolling has the ability to promote a firmer and more sculpted appearance in a matter of minutes.


Facial rolling is a traditional Chinese beauty ritual that involves rolling a tool made from jade, gemstones, rose quartz or amethyst across the face to encourage lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow. This form of facial massage can reduce puffiness and stimulates skin creating a natural glow.


Facial rolling provides a plethora of benefits. It increases blood flow, improves lymphatic flow and drainage and can reduce puffiness and inflammation. Facial rollers can also be used to massage skincare products, such as serums and moisturisers, into the skin.

This practice also works the muscles in your face that are less active. After just 10 minutes of facial rolling, you will notice that your skin feels firmer with a more tined and sculpted appearance.

In addition to the above, the roller cools and soothes skin, providing relaxation and reducing stress.


When it comes to choosing a facial roller, the Joanna Czech Facial Massager is a superior option. Backed by extensive research and refinement, it is designed to work across the skin on a deeper level.

Joanna designed these massage steps to encourage your skin’s circulation, elasticity and tone, whilst also stimulating lymphatic drainage for a more sculpted appearance.

This routine is designed to be performed atop a 111SKIN mask to maximise the product’s efficacy. This treats the skin at several levels (the epidermis, fascia and subcutaneous tissue) resulting in a truly transformed complexion. Made from aluminium and zinc alloys, the roller works to immediately lift and tighten the skin it works across. With an aluminium ball on either side, this tool targets each side of the muscle, instantly conditioning the face to become tighter and hold tension for a more sculpted appearance.



Starting from the centre of the chin, place your jawbone between each roller and roll up to just below your ear. Follow with neck roll.


Starting from the centre of your mouth, place your lips between each roller and roll up to the middle of your ear. Follow with neck roll.


Starting from the side of your nose, place roll up from under your cheekbones to the top of your ear. Follow with neck roll.


Starting from the inside of your eyebrow, place your brow bone between each roller and roll along your eyebrow. Follow with neck roll.


Starting from the centre of your forehead and roll up to 1" into the hairline. Move in sections towards your temple until you have massaged your entire forehead. Follow with neck roll.


Starting at your clavicle roll up to the back of your ear. Add 2–3 more sections to cover neck muscle, but do not massage the centre of your throat.

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