Male grooming and non surgical treatments
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According to figures released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps), there were 51,140 cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK last year, up a whopping 13% on the previous year. Of those, 4,164 procedures were performed on men. This is almost twice the number of men who had cosmetic surgery a decade ago, remaining at about 9% of the total.

The broader figures chime with the numbers at 111 Harley St. “Funnily enough, we’ve seen a small decrease in surgeries for men last year,” says Dr Yannis, “but we’ve seen a big increase in non-surgical treatments.” And that’s where the real uptake in male vanity seems to be occurring.
Cosmetic procedures also break down into surgical and non-surgical: a facelift is the former; among the latter are “injectables” (Botox, dermal fillers etc), laser treatments, facials and prescription skincare regimes. At 111 Harley St., they provide all this in addition to – or, increasingly, in place of – surgery. According to the clinic’s managing director, Agata Podwika, while surgery has seen a small decrease, the number of men having non-surgical treatments has risen by 50% year on year.