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Wimbledon style-survival kit

Wimbledon – world renowned for sunny weather followed by a torrential down pour, the British classic of strawberries and cream, picnicking on Henman Hill and, of course, a spot of tennis.  With our tumultuous weather it can be tricky knowing how to prepare for such an event, but regardless of what our climate has in store, skin protection should always be top priority. Here, we shares our tips on how to incorporate the all-important steps without compromising on style.

Dr. Yannis recommends applying sunscreen to the face and body on clean and dry skin, straight after showering. Allow the product to sink into the skin for 15 minutes for an effective protective layer before following up with your daily face and body skincare routine.

Channel Queen of Centre Court, Kim Sears, with minimal makeup as sun protection will need to be re-applied throughout the day. A BB Cream is an ideal alternative to provide lightweight coverage without sliding off the face; eye-framing mascara and a slick of nude gloss will polish the look.

Try the Aqua Physics Defence Cream underneath your base for added skincare protection against the sun. This duo use product adds hydration, as well as protecting against those harmful UVA and UVB rays. An umbrella with a UVA and UVB filter can double up as protection against the sun and the inevitable downpour that will follow.

Chic, oversized sunglasses á la style guru Victoria Beckham will add a touch of chic and yet another layer of protection – under-eye skin is particularly vulnerable to the sun’s rays. We love aviator styles, they suit most face shapes and add an edge to ensembles, but for those lucky ladies with oval faces cat-eye frames ooze old Hollywood glamour. It’s not only important to protect the skin on your face, the body needs it too. Covering sensitive areas to sun, like the back of the neck and the shoulders with a light jacket or a stylish scarf is an elegant way to protect the skin from the damaging sun.

Of course, the sun’s harmful rays are only part of the problem. Invisible pollutants are constantly in the air – even in leafy-green Wimbledon there is no escaping these potent air borne threats to dewy and youthful skin. Free radicals are produced by the body all the time, but combined with environmental elements such as pollution the body’s production of them increases. “The existence of free radicals in the body breaks down key components of skin cells such as collagen and elastin, prematurely ageing skin. To battle against these external forces, it’s important to use a product like the Anti-Oxidant Booster that neutralises the harmful effects of these free radicals” explains Dr. Yannis. Double-up with the Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion – incredibly light but potently moisturising and anti-ageing - to boost its protective and hydrating power and preserve your skin despite the elements.

After your long day sitting in Centre Court, even the most protected skin can be left dehydrated, tired and lethargic. A post-Wimbledon face mask is the perfect treatment to add back the skin’s natural radiance and brightness. The Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask is a 30 minute treatment that rejuvenates and replenishes tired skin. “For an extra burst of cooling refreshment, keep the mask in the fridge,” Dr. Yannis suggests, “once applied to the skin it will sooth and calm the complexion, ensuring a week-long glow.”  

Published: Friday, 24 June 2016

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