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Coming together to breathe life back into skin

Science and skincare – an often-marketed concept without real validity or depth; 111SKIN strives to develop products with integrity, which is why they are developed based on Dr. Yannis Alexandrides’ knowledge and observations in his Harley Street practice. The latest innovation is an effervescent mask which utilises a natural-occurring physiological phenomenon – the Bohr Effect – to literally breathe life back into the complexion.


111SKIN CO2 Crystallising Energy Mask harnesses state-of-the-art Japanese technology to bring the first ever application of ‘crystallisation’ outside of a clinical environment. The mask is made up of two components which, when mixed together using the bowl and spatula supplied, create Carbonic Acid which effervesces gratifyingly on the skin. These bubbles drive CO2 deep into the dermis, which causes skin to address this imbalance by flushing it with Oxygen (O2) – the Bohr Effect in full effect! The mask then crystallises, forming a protective layer which allows nourishing and brightening ingredients to penetrate skin deeply.


3 Stages Of Bohr Effect

To fully appreciate the scientific principal that underlies this powerful mask, a more in-depth look at the Bohr Effect is required. It is a biological observation which increases the efficiency of oxygen transportation in blood, ensuring that O2 is released into tissues that require it and preventing wastage. O2 binds to a protein called Haemoglobin when it enters through the lungs, which carries it around the circulation. When there is an influx of CO2, the pH levels in blood decrease causing it to become more acidic, letting Haemoglobin know that it needs to release the O2 in order to re-balance the equilibrium.

Dr Yannis Alexandrides

Clinicians have been capitalising on the Bohr Effect to help their patient’s skin, administering it by injection in specific areas, or CO2 facial therapy, and there are studies which suggest that the latter improves skin oxygenation which is attributed specifically to the biological mechanism. Dr. Yannis explains, “The Bohr Effect is credited with improving collagen and elastin synthesis, giving skin a tightening effect, and improving O2 levels for an awakened complexion. It also provides the optimum environment for ingredients to be absorbed deeply into the most functional areas of the skin; we have included additional brightening and nourishing ingredients to exploit this characteristic to create a mask that is incredibly potent and effective.”


  • ✔ A triple ceramide complex: provides skin with a silky-smooth feeling
  • ✔ Aloe barbadensis: soothes and heals skin
  • ✔ Chlorella vulgaris: skin is treated to a nutrient-rich, nourishing algae formula
  • ✔ Pueraria thunbergiana root: Brightens for an illuminated complexion Bridging the gap between strong scientific principals and luxury skincare, the CO2 Crystallising Energy Mask is a truly game-changing skincare innovation.

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