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As Seen on 'How Not to Get Old'

Last week, 111SKIN was featured on Channel 4's documentary series 'How Not to Get Old.' We think this is a pretty cool series because it looks at surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures, as well as, simple things you can do to look younger. The episode we were featured in, (episode 4 'Skin Peels, Lasers and Diet'). Dr Max Pemberton meets Eva Alexandridis, our founder at Harrods and discusses our  Black Diamond Night Cream. You should head over to youtube but here are the highlights (start watching at 31:11):

Max Pemberton: I have to admit I regularly spend a small fortune on Anti Ageing Products...Last year 111SKIN introduced a new night cream, at nearly £600, it's one of the most expensive night creams in the UK...I'm meeting Eva Alexandridis, Head of Marketing at 111SKIN to find out what's actually in it?

Eva: It has Diamond Dust Nano Particles and what it does is stimulates the most potent antioxidant that our body naturally produces.

Max Pemberton: The diamonds don't actually go into the skin?

Eva: Yes...They are tiny particles that penetrate the second layer of the skin

Max Pemberton: Is this what makes it so expensive?

Eva: We have used the expertise of space scientists who were responsible for providing supplements for astronauts when going into space.

Max Pemberton: My mom would say that you could just go out and buy any moisturiser?

Eva: It's very different. The important thing about a moisturiser is how it delivers the nuturients to the skin. Our delivery system is very advanced and ensures that the ingredients get delivered. 

Summary: In the end Max wants to know why the Diamond Cream is so expensive and if it's worth it. The diamond cream uses the highest grade ingredients that include black diamonds and these black diamond are expensive. The black diamonds however do not alter the appearance of the skin but are used for their remarkable transportation system.  What do you think?

Published: Tuesday, 03 September 2013

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