Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to get in those last minute gifts for your loved ones. If you’re hoping to indulge someone in a little luxury this Christmas then the two new 111SKIN Christmas collections are the perfect choice. Giving you two collections to choose from, you will be certain to make someone’s day extra special!

The Celestial Black Diamond intensive collection

Housed beautifully in our limited edition London: Harley St packaging, the trio of products are perfect for Christmas, and will repair your skin from the harsh winter weather. Including a luxurious moisturising cream, a brightening eye cream and a technologically advanced serum, this collection will ensure that wrinkles are kept at bay. The three products contain black diamond particles to deliver the ingredients deeply within the dermis.

Celestial Black Diamond Cream (15ml)

Containing Arbutin and Hyaluronic acid, this cream ensures that the complexion is evened out and stays hydrated and plump. With a sumptuous texture, the cream is proven to fight wrinkles and lines.

Celestial Black Diamond Serum (30ml)

The gentle serum erases signs of pigmentation and ageing. Using brightening ingredients, it transforms dull and dry skin into a glowing canvas.

Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream (15ml)

Touted as ‘botox in a jar’, this miracle eye cream uses in ingredient which is a substrate of Botox. It has the ability to physically diminish wrinkles around the eye with instantaneous tightening results.

The Overnight Recovery Collection

This selection of products has been designed with Christmas in mind. It’s perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and can rejuvenate the skin whilst you sleep. With three of the signature products from the 111SKIN line, the overnight recovery collection will ensure that you wake up with a radiant complexion.

Y Theorem Repair Serum (10ml)

The Y Theorem Repair Serum is 111SKIN’s most talked about product. Based on an original serum that was given to plastic surgery patients, the serum dramatically encourages the skin to repair itself and stimulates collagen production.  It provides instant volume and hydration to the skin.

Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel (15ml)

The eye lift gel is a skincare essential and reduces the appearance of dark eye circles. It’s a lightweight texture formulated with high levels of hexapeptides which work to decrease the appearance of fine lines.

Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream (50ml)

The Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery cream utilises the power of our unique NACY2 formula, activating a powerful reparative and anti-ageing solution. With a rich and cream texture, this is the ideal product for deep skin hydration.

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