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Skincare for summers exclusive events

Summer is the peak of the social calendar and, even in Britain with its unpredictable weather, outside events pepper the season. With both Royal Ascot and Cartier Polo coming up this week, skincare is an incredibly important factor when dressing up for these special events. They command a strict dress code and skincare should be taken as seriously sartorial choices. A fabulous dress isn’t complete without an eye-catching hat and stunning shoes and having cakey, flaky foundation and dull, dry skin is an accessory one can do without. We have compiled the definitive skincare regime to survive these exclusive summer events.

Throughout the day, the skin naturally loses its moisture and the coveted all-day glow. Long events such as Royal Ascot and Cartier Polo can aid this dehydration; sipping on champagne and standing in the sun is detrimental to a healthy complexion. As the skin is exposed to harsh elements and dehydrating factors, reaching for comfortable and moisturising products will be the ultimate skin saviour.

A weightless and hydrating moisturiser will work wonders for keeping skin soothed and smooth under make up. Instead of reaching for a cream that sits on the surface of the skin, causing make up to slip and slide and the face to look greasy, the Space Anti Age Day Emulsion feels refreshing yet luxurious and penetrates deeply into the top layers of the skin for all-day hydration. This ensures a flake-free complexion during long, warm summer days.

For an extra burst of moisture, boost the power of the Emulsion with our Space Aqua Booster. Applying the Booster in both the evening before bed, and in the morning, will increase the skin’s hydration by 30% in 3 hours. You can also add it to your foundation to keep it silky soft throughout the day.

Royal Ascot regular, Zara Philips, not only always has immaculate style but her natural radiance hints at expert execution of an army of nourishing products.  Following these simple skincare tips will have your skin glowing royally all day. Dressing in the perfect outfit, and dressing your skin in the perfect products, will ensure you make the most of these long summer days.

Published: Friday, 03 June 2016

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