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Meso Infusion Micro Mask: Details

Here at 111SKIN, we are always bringing you the latest skincare technology. Our latest technological advance is seen in our brand new Meso Infusion Micro Mask. Mesotherapy is the process of injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the skin to drastically reduce lines and wrinkles.

We’ve adapted this procedure into our skincare range; bringing you the same results at home that you would get in a clinic. Our Meso Mask is a real alternative to clinical injections, leaving you with smooth, ageless skin in the comfort of your own home.

Meso Infusion Micro Mask

How do we bring the effect of needles to an at-home mask?

Our brand new technology fuses together the Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C to calm and smooth the skin. The two ingredients are fused together in liquid form to create micro droplets of this anti-ageing formula. The ground breaking science of the mask lies in the drying process. The Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid mixture is shaped into cones whilst drying; these tiny cones mimic the needles seen in clinics during Meso Therapy. 150 of these microscopic cones are then spread over a small patch, and when applied to the face, melt effortlessly into the skin. A needleless alternative to an incredibly effective clinical procedure.

Why this mask?

Masks are having a revival at the moment. The Korean beauty market has been obsessed with sheet masks for years, and finally the western market is catching up. We’ve already released a mask similar to the ones seen in Korea; our Bio Cellulose Mask is a fantastic sheet mask which hydrates and plumps the skin. But this mask is different.

Our Meso masks are small and aimed at targeting specific areas on the face. When placed at the outer edges of the eyes you can say goodbye to crow’s feet. When applied to the skin between the edges of the mouth and the nose, heavy wrinkles will be filled and plumped. This mask is the only mask on the market that uses the same ingredients as a clinical procedure, and the only mask that can replace the procedure itself.

Published: Monday, 04 April 2016

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