Your skincare persona
And the ultimate Holiday accessory to match

We all have our own approaches to skincare that often reflect our true personas. Some of us savour our evening ritual of undoing the day’s transgressions with karmic cleansing of the skin followed by slathering on rich formulas for a moment of utter indulgence. Others spend hours poring over ingredients and formulas to ensure the perfect partners for their complexion. Meanwhile, there are those who desire a structured and uncomplicated method to maintaining their healthy skin.


Whichever one you or your loved ones are, there is a 111SKIN Holiday Edit to satisfy every skincare personality type.



The Perfectionist:

Attending to every detail with impeccable taste, this person strives for the absolute best. They are able to distinguish between the average and the sublime for maximum impact, and approach every scenario methodically and with great dedication. Number one on their skincare agenda is a beautifully glowing base, making the Radiance Edit perfect to achieve their coveted incandescent complexion.



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The Multitasker:

Don’t we all wish we had this talent, being able complete numerous tasks at the same time? And more so, they barely break a sweat when most of us would be bamboozled by a mountain of lists, endless spreadsheets, and complicated critical paths. The Master Masking Planner appeals to the logical, orderly sensibility with its organised mask selection that’s loved by A-Listers and models, each addressing specific concerns that can be layered to ‘multi-mask’. Now that’s efficiency at its most luxurious.



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The Intellectual:

With their heads always in a book or scouring the internet for information, they believe that knowledge is power. They’ll know every intricate detail about the current political situation, be able to name every single kind of acid available in skincare and which to use on your skin, and be in-the-know about next year’s fashion trends. And this is why the Surgeons Edit is ‘the one’ for them – containing all of the products that have been directly influenced by Dr. Yannis’ in-clinic treatments, they are packed with the power of science.



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The Exemplar

Utterly timeless, this loved one is much like a Chanel boucle suit or Burberry trench coat. They firmly believe in the old adage that ‘fashion fades, style is timeless’, and throughout the years they have endured the test of time to remain perennially chic and devastatingly elegant. The Celestial Edit contains every classic formula from our anti-ageing Intensive collection – and naturally each product is dressed in all black with silver gilding for an Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy moment.



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The Glamourpuss

A natural born bon viveur, they make glamour look like an artform; elevating even the most unassuming of events, they light up the room with their unapologetic opulence and exuberant allure. The most conventional of tasks are carried out with such panache, and they find pleasure in using the most lavish products – the Diamond Edit houses our most luxurious collection that contains real diamond powder; this extravagant curation will completely satisfy this lover of the finer things in life.



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