Feel inspired this International Women’s Day courtesy of some words of wisdom from our Co-Founder, Eva.

What three keywords would you use to describe the essence of contemporary women ? 

Fearless, creative, passionate.

 When do you think women are the most beautiful ? 

When they are positive and making a constructive difference in their own lives, as well as positively impacting other peoples’ lives. Kindness is also essential - an integral quality to any beautiful woman.

 How do you empower women through beauty industry? How do you promote beauty in a healthy way ? 

Hire women, empower women, promote women, and listen to them. In addition to this, I strongly advocate graceful ageing via a carefully crafted regime, and avoid advocating drastic interventions and over-the-top makeup. Heavy makeup is the anthesis of the 111SKIN aesthetic, we subscribe to women making the most of their natural beauty – something that exists in all of us.   

 There are certain characters in women that the world may think hinder us as an entrepreneur, e.g. we can’t handle both family and business, that we are emotional etc, do you agree with them? How do you think they can actually work to our advantage instead ? 

The strongest quality successful working women have is ability to multitask and to empathise to family and personal circumstances, juggling being understanding and managing by setting an example through strong work ethics. Women have to adopt a firm but fair attitude in tandem; this approach encourages a culture of mutual respect as well as an enjoyable working environment for all.  

 Some say people inspire people, we say women inspire women, can you talk about one woman who has impacted your life ? 

My mother – she has a smile on her face every morning, has worked all her life and goes to bed praying and thanking the god for all of her blessings…every single day.