What are the benefits of using an acid based exfoliant?

Let’s peel away the myths to reveal the truth about chemical vs granular exfoliation


Think skincare couldn’t get more scientific? Think again. Our latest launch, the Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Acid Accelerated Peel, is an iridescent pink peel jam-packed full of powerful active ingredients - a sure-fire way to stay a step-ahead in your skincare routine. This addition to our most popular collection of products, the Intensive Collection, epitomises advances in modern beauty, fusing medical science and creative skincare innovation to design a product that really works.


New Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Accelerated Peel


Are you invested in the health of your skin? If so, there’s no doubt you’ve read about the increased use of acid-based exfoliants; a clear shift has been made from harsh and abrasive granular based exfoliants to the use of acid to clear dead-skin cells from the surface of the skin - the epidermis. With an ever-increasing demand for clinical strength exfoliation we challenged our lab to deliver a combined chemical and mechanical exfoliating system that also possesses skin hydrating and soothing properties. Outside of our 111 Harley Street clinic the Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Acid Accelerated Peel is our most concentrated exfoliation complex, yet safe for regular at home use due to its fusion with reparative and nourishing ingredients.

Why exfoliate?


Skin is made up of multiple layers, the outermost being the epidermis. The bottom layer of the epidermis (stratum basale) is populated with immature skin cells (keratinocytes), which differentiate and migrate to the surface of the epidermis as they mature. When they die, they sit on the top of the epidermis and are shed (a process called desquamation), but if not cleared can cause a variety of problems including dullness and blemishes. Of course, daily cleansing can help this problem but an exfoliant is designed for a deeper, more thorough cleanse to rid the complexion of these issues and reveal the fresh skin hiding underneath.

What are granular exfoliants?


Scrubbing your skin can feel immensely satisfying, feeling those granules slough away the dirt and grime for a brighter canvas. But to understand the difference between a chemical and acid exfoliation, it’s important to look at the mechanisms behind these two different methods. Many granular exfoliants contain large particles which physically lift dead skin cells and grime. This sounds ideal, but the downside is that its abrasive nature can cause micro tears that lead to inflammation and leave it vulnerable to environmental and pollution-caused damage.

Why trust our at-home acid peel?


      • The term ‘peel’ can sound menacing to some, but here at 111SKIN we hope to reinstate that we are here to safeguard your skin. Performing both chemical and mechanical exfoliation, this dual-action peel utilises fruit-derived acids to gently refine and resurface skin by dissolving the intra-cellular glue that bonds dead skin cells; in simple terms imagine our peel lifting dirt, melting away stubborn dead skin cells, and digging-out congestion from blocked pores. Meanwhile, the inclusion of finely ground Rose Quartz enhances the exfoliation effects by gently buffing away dirt and polishing the complexion without fear of micro tears. Are you worried about suffering from an extreme reaction? These instances are incredibly rare, but for those who are still nervous about adverse reactions, the nourishing gel base is enriched with conditioning actives that ensure the that skin is left extraordinarily soft, hydrated, and supple. Trust in the knowledge that our peel is full of results-driven active ingredients that are impressively effective yet completely safe to use. After one treatment, instantly incandescent, clarified, and crystal-like skin is revealed.


    Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Acid Accelerated Peel- Shop now


    What's in it?


        • • Blend of Fruit Acid AHAs: A potent Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex breaks down dead skin cells making way for fresh and refined skin


        • • Natural Betaine: A natural amino acid that helps to moisturise and condition skin


        • • Rose Quartz: Buffs away dead skin cells for an even surface


        • • Diamond Powder: Facilitates the absorption of active ingredients


      • • Panthenol: Skin conditioning agent which provides deep penetrating moisture and helps manage negative results from oxidative stress


      • • Vitamin E: Nutrient-rich Vitamin E is a fat-soluble active which has effective hydrating and moisturising properties
    Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Acid Accelerated Peel- Shop now


    How do you use it?

    As recommended by our Global Head of Aesthetics, Milena Naydenov, it is safe to use at-home for all skin types. After thoroughly cleansing, apply a generous layer of the gel using the brush provided, being careful to avoid the eye area or any areas of sensitivity. Leave on for no longer than 10 minutes and buff the skin with your hands using circular motions. Then remove any residue with a warm damp towel.


    At 111SKIN we are privileged to be co-founded by a practicing Plastic Surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides, who can provide real-time advice, guidance and recommendations. He advocates that customers follow up with the 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Serum and Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream, further enhanced with the use of our Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster for the ultimate hydration. Only use once per week and do not use on broken skin, areas of sun burn, or irritation. Dr. Yannis also suggests that the best time to use a peel is at night when skin cells are in are in their optimum reparative phase and more receptive to treatments.


    There you have it, we hope that we have provided you with enough advice to encourage you to take the leap from granular to acid in the exfoliant step of your regime with our Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Acid Accelerated Peel. Our peel produces lasting results, ridding your complexion of dullness and imperfections, targeting pigmentation issues and long-term complaints such as acne scarring as well as providing overall brightening of the skin. The result is clear, evenly-toned skin that’s silky soft to the touch. It’s a win-win.


    Buy the Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Acid Accelerated Peel here.





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