The Right Way To Layer Your Skincare

“My general advice is to begin with the lightest - an essence or toner - and work your way up from there.” 111SKIN Co-Founder, Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides 


Careful Cleansing

Washing away the day is of course first, but if you are a double-cleansing fan then always begin with an oil or a balm before following with a cream, gel or foaming cleanser. To really ensure you have removed all the dirt and debris you can, use a towel or linen and gently pat your face.




Lightweight Wonder

As the good doctor said, start with the lightest first - that way you skin has no problem absorbing the products that follow. An essence is packed with hydrating & antioxidant ingredients able to prime & prep the skin for the products to follow. 




Super Serum 

Serums tend to be a bit heavier and more gel-like, thick with active ingredients that adjust tone & texture.

“I always like to leave a short space of time between serum application and the following step, just so the ingredients can full absorb and treat the skin without interference,” advises Dr.Yannis. 


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Anointed Oil 

Oils can be tricky but are so rich in nutrients, which explains why the skin just drinks them up! Often one only needs to press a small amount into for skin to look hydrated and plump.

“Many people with oily skin are frightened of oils, but actually by applying them your skin it is tricked into creating less sebum and produces less oil!” 


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Welcomed Sight  

Whether it’s a gel or a heavy cream, the eye area is the next focus. For a gel, you can take it up closer to the eye and even (very lightly) on the lids. For a cream, take a very small amount and gently dab it just around the eye area. 


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Cream & Conclude     

If you skip the oil, or just need some extra moisture, finish with a gel or thicker cream. Essentially just emollients and humectants (which draw moisture to the skin) blending with oils and emulsified, creams can seal in the steps before and deliver even more actives into the skin.  


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