111SKIN began with a Dramatic Healing Serum. This serum was produced and distributed by Dr Yannis Alexandrides to the patients at his Harley St. clinic. The incredible healing power not only worked on scarring, but patients soon realised the potent effects on their skin tone, feel, and overall appearance. The popularity grew, as did 111SKIN.

Today, there are 5 collections that make up the 111SKIN brand. Each with a unique and powerful formula that targets specific and unique skincare needs.

The Reparative Collection is one of our best-selling lines, with products suitable for all skin types. Each formula is packed with active and powerful ingredients that revitalise the complexion. Many of our customers rave about how 111SKIN has transformed their sallow, blemish-prone or dehydrated skin into a glowing, luminous, renewed complexion – hear what they have to say for yourself:

Our Y Theorem Repair Light Serum is an ultra-light version of the adapted original Dramatic Healing Serum, the Y Theorem Repair Serum. Both these serums actively and instantly get to work increasing collagen production, protecting from external aggressors and creating a luminous and youthful glow.

“It keeps my skin plumped and deeply nourished. After being so impressed with it, I swapped my entire skin care regime to 111SKIN.” – A P

“Being an individual with mature skin it puts many ticks in the box for me and I use it daily. I frequently get comments on how good my skin looks.” - Tammy

Night creams are often too heavy or too light, waking up with oily or dry skin can cause make-up to sit harshly on the face, or create a shiny canvas. The Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream is a rich cream that penetrates deeply into the pores, sinking in quickly and creating a smooth and flawless complexion. Even in the summer months, this cream keeps the skin fresh and glowing, without the usual heaviness.

“This is probably the best night cream I have used - not only it hydrates the skin perfectly, but it really makes it feel (and look) much younger! Thank you 111SKIN!” – Ana

“When I apply the cream at night, I wake up in the morning amazed how plump, hydrated, and youthful my skin is. I have a natural glow, friends are commenting about my complexion.” - Chizel

“This is maybe the best (night) cream I have ever tried! I have never had such a great and powerful cream with an amazing consistency”. - Marko

This is an ingredient rich and highly hydrating day cream that smooths on and instantly disappears into the skin. The incredibly lightweight formula is perfect for those with oilier skin types or during the summer months when the face wants to feel fresh and light. The NAC Y2 formula ensures the cream actively aids collagen production to give a youthful and bright glow to the skin.

“This product works perfectly for me. It is light enough in my oily/ blemish prone areas, and hydrating enough in the drier areas. Since I discovered it, I can't live without it.” – Lilian

“This is the perfect daytime moisturiser, sinks in easily, and after a few days I noticed all redness had gone and my skin was perfected! I use it along with the anti-acne tonic and it has worked wonders!” – Drew

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