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Amelia Shean, 111SKIN Communications Manager

“My skin has made a huge transition over the past year, having suffered with hormonal breakouts off-and-on. I’m sure I mirror anyone who has ever suffered with blemishes when I say that acne, in all its forms, affects your life and confidence. In my opinion, this is exacerbated as you get older. Adults aren’t expected to have blemishes! So I started using Clarity - literally the whole range. I love that it targets the problem without using any of the hard-aggressors so often used in acne products as I have sensitive skin. It’s feels gentle and hydrating, which is quite unusual for clarifying products, as they can normally be so drying!

As my skin turned a corner, I weaned myself off the Clarity range and have started using more of the Reparative range to combat any signs of premature aging. I follow a strict routine every evening, using this time as a quasi-mindful time of the day, a time to block-out any distractions and focus on nothing but my skin care routine.  No phones, no emails, no interference, simply a time to wind-down and prepare for bed…it’s heaven. I use all the same products on my face, neck and décolletage, and any excess product on my hands and elbows."


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Angela Adjei, Product Development Director

"I tend to have oily skin so I like something which can balance this out all day. In the morning I use the Cryo Cleanser followed by Cryo Hydrogel and a clear SPF 30/50 throughout the day.  I can scar quite easily and the hydrogel contains a high level of vitamin c as well as being able to gently resurface to keep me looking refreshed throughout the day. I also love how it’s very light in texture and sinks easily into my skin

At night I may use the Exfolactic Cleanser and Meso Day Mask (I like how rich it is) overnight. I will also use the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask, sometimes leaving it on all night until it is paper thin. I feel the longer it’s left on the skin and the drier it allows for optimum absorption of actives.

If I have a special occasion, I would use my Magintone Sonic Brush with the Cryo Cleanser to really resurface then would l follow with the Hydrogel – I think it acts as a great base for makeup

If it’s really special (or even just for general maintenance now and then) I occasionally have HydraFacials and I am also looking into Dermapen to retexture and refine."


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