How To Get Met Gala Worthy Skin

Taking tips from the facialist that owned the pink carpet

No one needs to tell you the Met Gala happened yesterday - with the exaggerated, delightful and extremely ostentatious theme of ‘CAMP’, celebrities gathered garbed in their finest (and most fantastical) outfits.
While much of the attention was directed towards the dresses, our sight was fixed firmly on everyone’s skin. Prepped to perfection, so many models, actresses and musicians looked positively glowing on the pink carpet, courtesy of the extraordinary facialists and makeup artists working on them before the event.
One of our favourite facialist's (and widely considered the supreme skin specialist) was Joanna Czech, who handled the faces of Bella Hadid, Carey Mulligan, Amber Valetta, Lily Aldridge, Joan Smalls & Candice Swanepoel for the big night.
Czech employed many wonderful techniques - radio frequency, microcurrents, LED masks and even cryotherapy! Czech also used 111SKIN's Bio Cellulose Treatment Masks and Celestial Black Diamond Lifting & Firming Mask on the face and décolletage respectively.

"The last week (of skin prep before a big event) involves a lot more modeling and ultrasound movements,’ said Joanna to Glamour Magazine. "After I've heated the muscles up with a massage, I then use cryotherapy to basically seal the muscle into the shape I want. I do cryotherapy directly on the skin or over sheet masks; the 111SKIN masks are great.”

For those looking for an at-home version of this facial, the trick is to thoroughly massage the skin using 111SKIN’s Cryo Pre-Activated Toning Cleanser, which will help to tighten and tone in a manner inspired by Cryotherapy. Really massaging it in will help to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as gently slough away dead skin cells. Follow with a rich blend of boosters (we recommend our Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster & Vitamin C Booster) and seal those in with our Bio Cellulose Mask, rich in hydrating and glow-inducing ingredients.
Don’t neglect the neck though! Our Celestial Black Diamond Lifting & Firming Mask on the neck & décolletage tones and tightens lacklustre skin on those typically exposed areas, giving you a soft, supple appearance if your neckline dips a little lower.
Viola! Pink carpet worthy skin.