By Deanna Hagan

By Deanna Hagan


In the midst of creating and preparing for my series of masterclasses that I’m presenting in New York this week, I got to thinking about what this week means and the lead up to the most exciting, sociable and yet exhausting time of the year. As it happens today marks the beginning of advent, a Christian tradition of waiting in anticipation and preparing for the final Sundays leading up to the 25th. In this moment, you can’t forget the multitude of calendars, candles (even Diptyque has a special edition version) and how can we forget the provocative and yet sensational images from Love Magazine’s advent? Despite the weeks that will follow, the beauty behind the start of the advent is the process into which we can appreciate the tradition, the opening of our advents and the skin prep that is involved in the parties that are to come.


There is something about the getting-ready-process that attracts us. The thoughts behind the final look we want to achieve and the preparation that goes into the ultimate holiday event. We spend days combing through the internet for the outfit that is flattering, attractive and celebratory. With the final vision of ourselves in mind, skincare and make-up can help us to uncover the glamour from within. #SkinFirst has been my adopted hashtag for a while because it’s fundamental to my beauty philosophy and the only way to begin any makeup application - whether that’s for a shoot or for an everyday look. I reached out to the product experts at 111SKIN to ask about specific ways to prepare and nourish the skin for winter. With the constant exposure to dramatic temperature differences, wind and especially dry indoor climates, the skin gets stressed out and we have to look after it.

I would recommend the use of retinol in the winter to deliver the additional moisture overnight, incorporated into your evening routine twice a week, the Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil delivers effective results in the resurfacing of the skin and tackles scarring, pigmentation and open pores. Followed by either the Y Theorem Day Cream or Celestial Black Diamond Cream after 10 minutes of the treatment to seal in the power of the product. The Meso Infusion Leave On Overnight Mask or my stronger recommendation being the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask which is designed to deliver the deepest moisture and repair overnight – it’s also great for flights as it easily adheres to the skin.  


With the essential base down, we can begin the process of protection and nourishment. The Antioxidant Energising Essence adds an extra layer of protection with Aloe Vera, Copper Chlorophyll and Giant Kelp to calm, repair and reduce inflammation. To boost dull and lacklustre skin, incorporate the Cryo ATP Sports Booster into your morning routine for instant energising and rejuvenation. A step that I don’t forget when nourishing my skin is to apply my serums and oils, they carry the potent ingredients that targets your skins specific needs like boosting collagen or improving elasticity. For oils, try the Rodin Olio Lusso or Costa Brazil – I swear by these. For my moisturiser I apply the Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream as the phospholipids shield my skin and for my eyes, I like gel-based products that protect and hydrate all at the same time.


Now let us talk colour ...


When it comes to festive make-up, I like to take my time to decide on the look I am to create, and I would suggest;

Draw attention to your eyes in a new way! I love the celestial feeling of metallics and the array of colours that your eyes can glisten to. Cream formulas are perfect to create a sheer finish if you aren’t feeling as bold and can easily be applied with your fingers. For a more in-depth look, I would use powders and build the look with an eye shadow brush.

Choose lip colours with depth and richness, the classic touch of the red lip, whether stained, blurred or glossy can be perfect for the season. Surratt Beauty la Baton Rouge lipstick has both a powdered pigment and crayon liner formula in one. I love the shade ‘Galocher’ for a brighter, blue red, ‘Bonne’ for a deeper classic red and ‘Elysian’ as a rich blackberry shade. For a more vivid look, Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in ‘Cherry Time’ is a great red orange that can be worn as a stain with a gloss over the top.

For an added glow, try to mix the Rose Gold Radiance Booster into a tinted moisturiser, as a cream-based product, Surratt Beauty Torche Lumiere Highlighter will complement the skin perfectly.

Most importantly, let beauty be that which speaks what is truly worth something in our world. For opportunities to give back to people in need, reach out to local charities and organisations so everyone can enjoy the holiday period no matter of their circumstances.

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