What is Positive Luxury and how are 111SKIN involved?

Positive Luxury has awarded 111SKIN a Butterfly Mark as an acknowledgement of our commitment to ethical shopping


Positive Luxury

Think about your last purchase… What was it and where did you buy it? Are you aware of the provenance of the watch you bought, the wine you drank or the jacket you wore? The diamond tennis bracelet you were recently gifted from your loved ones , where did the diamonds originate from and in what vein were they retrieved from nature?


Would you feel comforted knowing that such a gift was produced by a sustainably managed ecosystem? For most consumers, this knowledge can provide nothing but peace of mind. We believe that positive processes ultimately make a better product, a product that contains a positive energy; and one that embodies our ethical approach as a growing lifestyle brand. The honourable facets of our processes enrich our story, and provide a definitive, moral backbone on which we can rely. We take joy in ensuring each of our products are created with this principled outlook front-of-mind. With a continued mission to providing results-driven, science-backed skincare that our customers can enjoy, guilt-free.


Sustainably Ecosystem


Whether a mindful approach to consumerism is something you subscribe to or not, with Positive Luxury this decision is alleviated from you. Positive Luxury connects luxury consumers that care, with brands that share their values such as ours, via the interactive Butterfly Mark. The Butterfly Mark offers transparency of your commitments to sustainability at the point of sale.


At 111SKIN we are considered in our 360° ethical approach. From the sourcing of raw materials to the fair treatment of our staff, we consider ourselves an emotive company, with strong values to fall back on. It is only in respect of these values, that we can produce the results we have acclaimed since our conception six years ago.


 Positive Actions we have made since our conception include:


  • Ethical Training
  • Beeswax free products
  • Equal Employment
  • Employees and Sub-contractors are paid the same salary/wages (?)
  • Paraben free – Products are free from Parabens – a cosmetic preservative
  • PVC free – does not use PVC in products
  • Sources raw materials responsibility

    Positive Luxury


    Our 111SKIN products are free of parabens, paraffins, silicones, toxins, and beeswax, while our unique NAC Y2 formula is a potent trio of peptides and antioxidants proven to reduce signs of ageing by stimulating the master antioxidant Glutathione. We are mindful of the ingredients used, and proud to be part of the Ethical Trading Initiative. In addition to which, our steps towards being more our (remove) energy and carbon-emission conscious make our business earth-friendly from the ground up. We cater to all clients’ skin concerns with a varied range of products that are developed from founder Dr. Yannis’ unique insight into real-life issues, providing innovative and thoughtful products for those seeking a conscientious skincare routine.


    It is these positive actions taken by us that has resulted in our receipt of the Butterfly Mark, an accolade of which we are immensely proud. Positive Luxury embodies the sustainable practices that we hold so dear; actions that we actively subscribe to and hope to work in tandem as we go forward.



    Dr. Yannis Alexandrides MD