Simply put, exposure to polluted areas leads to a damaged dermis layer of the skin, which in turn causes premature aging.


A study by King’s College London identified Oxford Street as suffering from the worst pollution in the world, detailing the levels of nitrogen dioxide as up to ten times beyond the legal limit. Ninety-two percent of people around the world live in cities that do not comply with WHO air quality standards. Although most of us identify that inner-city pollution exists, we also remain happily ‘in the dark’ about the worsening levels of this epidemic.

The impact of pollution is unquestioned. Our protective shell is under ever-greater assault from pollution and toxic elements in the environment that it has not yet evolved enough to neutralise on its own. Small enough to enter skin, they can accelerate brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Often twenty times smaller than pores, these particles can embed themselves in the dermis layers of our skin. When in the skin, polluted particles create free radicals, highly unstable molecules that have unpaired electrons. These molecules act like bouncy balls, pinging around in our skin damaging other healthy cells. Once infiltrated, they can cause inflammation, redness, dryness and dehydration as well as a more complex, cellular-level reaction that generates reduced suppleness, weakened elasticity and firmness.

Urban dust contains a cocktail of 224 toxic chemicals – from polyaromatic hydrocarbons to pesticides and heavy metals. And, while the particles of pollution are usually too large to penetrate skin themselves, many of these chemicals attached to them are not. Cigarette smoke is another major pollutant, and that has been shown to consist of over 6,000 chemicals.


Free radicals are everywhere, and have the capability to damage skin's DNA, causing the cells to malfunction. Antioxidants are able to neutralise these molecules. 111SKIN has a multitude of products which contain the unique NAC Y2 formula to improve antioxidant levels and also encourage the production of Glutathione (the body's master antioxidant).

Our NAC Y2 Pollution Defence Booster is a simple way to bespoke your skincare routine, adding them directly to the skin or into your moisturiser. This concentrated formula provides an extra boost of vital antioxidants to enhance the skin’s health and to protect against extreme environmental exposure.

Beyond these key products, those worried about ‘polluaging’ should ensure they double cleanse, day and night. All 111SKIN products are free of parabens, toxins and beeswax, including our cleansers, safeguarding your skin from dirt and grime without drying it out. This should be followed by the application of our Antioxidant Essence, infused with antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause ageing, neutralising the effects of pollution and restores the skin’s natural PH levels leaving your skin feeling hydrated and prepped for other treatments.

Next in the fight against free radicals, we recommend you take supplements orally via our Beauty Dose.  Dr. Yannis Alexandrides’s ethos is prevention, hence he wanted to develop supplements that can be taken as a protective and reparative measure against aggressors which cause cells to go into oxidative stress – the biggest cause of ageing internally and externally. In our 111SKIN Radiant Skin Beauty Dose we include NAC Y2, a commonly used ingredient across our skincare. Now available orally, this will enhance intracellular production of master antioxidant Glutathione within skin so your skin literally heals from the inside out.

Although one would think we had all understood the ‘wear SPF memo’ by now, one would be wrong. *Here’s another reminder* – UV rays are still one of the most detrimental environmental stressors, ensure a powerful SPF is a constant part of your daily skincare regime.

There’s no need to slather your face in thousands of products and tick a stream of boxes to protect yourself from daily aggressors. It’s actually very simple, along with some other tips and tricks here at 111SKIN we hope we’ve made your life that little bit easier. Negate our world’s polluted premature ageing efforts with 111SKIN antioxidant-rich products and create a strong response to the ever-present exposure of nasty pollutants, degrading precious cells and compromising our complexions' youthful 'bloom'.