"You often see them coming – well-groomed, glowing and generally just in great nick. A man with a solid skincare and shaving routine is nothing to sneer at. In fact, it often induces envy. What are they using? How do they look so fresh? Can I get my hair like that, too?

While these questions normally illicit some sort of vague answer (“Ah, just a good night’s sleep really…”), we’ve managed to pin down some of London’s sharpest blokes to get a proper look inside their wash bags. Read below for three considered routines that are as much about self-care as they are about looking suave.

Even though I am a cosmetic surgeon, my philosophy for clients is all about prevention rather than intervention, which comes in the form of a great grooming routine. For me, I am very thorough with my skincare; it’s not only a great way to keep yourself in looking and feeling great, but it is also a calming ritual I’ve come to really enjoy. My typical routine is to cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, and apply an eye cream. Obviously, as the founder of 111SKIN, I use my own products!

I start with the 111SKIN Lift Off Purifying Cleanser every day; it is great for getting rid of any pollution or excess oil. As men, our skin is up to 30 per cent thicker, so oil production is a bit heavier – this cleanser really helps combat that. I’ve stop using shaving foam so I often use a cleanser to help me shave and then go in with an aftershave such as the D R Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk. Following that, I always use the 111SKIN Y Theorem Repair Serum. Serums are packed full of active ingredients and antioxidants. This was actually the first product I ever made. I then follow that with a little 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream and always finish with an SPF.

At night, I will add in the Black Diamond Retinol Oil. Retinol has so many benefits. I also love using a mask at least once or twice per week. I particularly like the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask because it is pocket-sized and offers intensive results – perfect for relieving signs of travel-induced fatigue.

I really enjoy Aesop products for my hair and body and am a huge fan of Frederic Malle. Right now, I am using the Vetiver Extraordinaire, which simultaneously smells warm and woody with a bit of zest – the perfect fragrance for the changing weather.”



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