With the warm summer months coming to a close, that coveted summer skin glow begins to fade on the complexion. Autumn brings heavier make up looks and a chill that can cause dry and parched skin. A skincare routine that will keep that all natural summer skin dewy and fresh after those summer holidays abroad will ensure a youthful and glowing appearance long into the autumn season. These are our top tips for keeping that summer glow all year round.

With warm and relaxing summer sun comes sun damage. Even with religious use of an SPF and other protective products, skin can still be deeply dehydrated and stripped by the powerful sun. It’s incredibly important to repair any visible, or non-visible, sun damage on the skin before it turns into irreversible lines and wrinkles. Collagen and elastin are two incredibly important factors in the skin that keep it youthful and fresh, and exposure to the sun can decrease the production of these vital skin cells. The Y Theorem Repair Serum is an ideal everyday product that helps boost cell renewal, encouraging collagen and elastic synthesis in the complexion. Formulated to repair skin after surgery, this deeply nourishing and reparative serum works hard to restore the skin cells and take the complexion back to its natural glowing state. For oilier skin types, or warmer climates, reach for the Y Theorem Repair Light Serum; just as active, this is a lighter formula that allows skin to breath and feel fresh. 

After long days in the sun, or once you’ve landed back home, skin can feel sallow and lacking in that sun-given glow. To keep a bright complexion, even once the autumn showers start kicking in, sheet masks are the ideal weekly treatment for a dull complexion. The Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask is a deep treatment for complexions lacking a natural radiance. With state of the art skincare technology that focuses on instantly and deeply brightening and hydrating the skin, that post-holiday summer glow will stay long after the plane has landed. For an all-over glow, the Y Lift Neck and Décolletage Mask focuses on these often neglected and age-defying areas of the body. With the same potent Bio Cellulose sheet mask technology, combined with deeply nourishing anti-ageing ingredients, this mask reverses signs of ageing that could be bought on by sun damage. Apply once a week for a refreshing and revitalising treatment.

It goes without saying that the suns most damaging effect on the complexion is it’s dehydrating power. Skin needs moisture to keep it plump and youthful; so be sure to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday when sunning yourself on holiday. This will keep you from overheating and keep the skin fresh and bright. Once you have returned, keeping the summer glow in the complexion is all about hydration. Use a rich and luxurious daily moisturiser such as the Space Anti Age Day Cream, the potent and active ingredients keep skin plump and youthful, whilst the powerful NAC Y2 formula gets to work repairing sun damaged skin. For a daily boost of hydrating power, reach for the Space Aqua Booster. A lightweight serum that can be added to your day cream, night cream, and even foundation for a proven hydrating burst on the skin. The active ingredients work to increase moisture levels on the skin by 30% in three hours; continued everyday use will give a soft and supple feeling to the skin, ensuring that bright and youthful summer glow all year round.