Introducing the Master-Masking Kit

Supercharge your skincare with our masking solutions - now selected by you, for you.

Last year 111SKIN introduced our Master-Masking concept; a series of skincare solutions that utilise mask technology infused with potent product to calm any condition - breakouts, puffiness, redness, premature aging or dehydrated skin.

Not that we want to brag, but the whole thing was hailed as a ‘miracle’ and ‘a milestone in masking’. Okay, we’ll brag a little bit! It was really our founder, Dr Yannis, who realised that masking was such a wonderful thing for the skin. The process literally forces you to sit (or stand or dance or cook or type - they stick like a second skin so you can easily multitask) and absorb the rich formula without interruption from other products. This means the skin can process every ingredient fully, allowing you to get the most bang out of the blend (and your buck). The result is simple a treated, clearer complexion.

While we still offer our Master-Masking kit, we are now also offering a bespoke version - one you customise yourself. With a selection of any 4 face masks and any 2 eye masks, the possibilities are endless. 



We spoke to some of our staffers to find out how they are going to be customising their kit. 

Andreea Saioc, Social Media Manager

For me, this an ideal offering but I adore a bit of everything. I’d have to say my four face masks would definitely include the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask and Rose Gold Brightening Facial Mask. I love anything hydrating and brightening, so the formulas of both masks are ideal. I probably would use the Bio Cellulose during the day while the Rose Gold is one to wear before a big night out. The skin you have after using it is so radiant.

In terms of the two eye mask options, I’d probably go for one of each! The Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask is just the ultimate Instagram moment (I mean, can you blame me?) and the Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask awakens your eyes like nothing else. Total heaven in a kit.

Keeanna Morgan, Graphic Designer

I love makeup, so the perfect canvas is always necessary - that’s why two of my four facial masks would definitely be the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask. It deeply hydrates, perfecting my skin before I apply base and always keeps a natural glow shining through.

I like to end the day with one of our Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Treatment Masks, which really detoxifies the skin and removes any excess oil that might of built up through the day. I will often layer the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask under one of these, just because the area around my eyes doesn’t require any clarity - just firming. Those three masks would 100% be what I customised my kit to include.