Create Your At-Home Facial

By Nateisha Scott

Discover your bespoke facial at home

Everyone wants facialist-skin and as the post-facial glow reveals fresh and radiant skin, it is no wonder treatments are fast becoming the best option for reinventing your complexion. Although the facial glow is everyone’s ideal result, time and lifestyle limits can often stop the weekly luxury, therefore investing in your own at home facial treatment can provide the same results in a more timely and efficient manner.


Facialists always start with a double cleanse, the cleansing process is vital as the first step for removing the dirt, oil and build up from the skin. Starting with an oil-based cleanser will work to shift and remove the dirt from the top layer of the skin. The oil in the cleanser attracts the oil from the skin, and as a water-soluble, when washing off the cleanser, you will thoroughly remove the build up from the skin. The NAC Y2 Restorative Cleansing Balm is perfect for the first round of cleansing, it gently but effectively removes makeup and daily impurities whilst hydrating, rebalancing and soothing the skin. The second cleanse is about focusing on squeaky clean skin, once removing the dirt and debris, the second cleanse ensures your skin is a blank canvas that is ready for the next steps. When it comes to the second cleanse you should really be focused around using a cleanser that targets your skin concern. For sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin then a gentle cleanser will work to clean the skin as well as keeping it calm. For combination skin, a gel-like or milky cleanser will balance out the skin and for oily skin, a slightly harsher cleanser that works to not strip the skin’s natural oils excessively.

Remember when cleansing the skin at both attempts to capture all areas of the face but also the hairline, congestion around the nose and ears as well as the jawline and down the neck.




The key to removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cells is exfoliation but its degree can vary dependent on how your skin reacts to exfoliation. With either chemical or physical exfoliation, the skin will need the removal of dead skin so it can absorb the round of products at a greater percentage. Taking a dime size amount and massaging into your skin, the exfoliator will start to remove the dead cells and if using a chemical exfoliator, sweeping the cotton pads over the face whilst avoiding the eyes, it will invigorate the skin.


Apply Peel

A step that is optional but is incorporated into many facials is a peel. Once your skin has been cleansed and the dead cells removed, the peel is an acid-packed treatment that rests on the surface of the skin and penetrates the pores, rejuvenating your overall complexion. Chemical peels are produced in varying strengths and starting with a mild peel, especially at home, to see how your skin reacts is highly recommended. The Celestial Black Diamond Multi-Acid Accelerated Peel is formulated to accelerate the exfoliation process whilst brightening and firming the skin. In a mask format, the peel plumps, refines and illuminates your overall complexion. Filled with Rose Quartz, AHA Fruit complex and Wheat Protein it polishes, gently exfoliates and volumizes the skin. Like applying a mask, the peel can be left on the skin for 10 minutes before removing, revealing a brighter and smoother complexion.


Serum & Mask

Once you have buffed, refined and cleaned the face and neck, your skin is ready to take any products you want it to absorb. Dependent on your skin type you can tailor your serums and boosters to what you are wanting to target. Serums are a great way to target your concerns and so by applying a coin-sized amount along the face and neck before applying a mask will allow your skin’s cells to be absorbed by concentrated ingredients. With your serum down as a foundation, applying a sheet and eye mask over the face will only add a greater benefit to your skin. A great multi-functional option would be the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask, not only instantly cooling due to its gel like structure, but it locks moisture into the skin, brightens through its liquorice root extract and stimulates collagen production.

To optimise masking further, working with your hands or a facial tool to stimulate a facial massage will only add greater benefit to your over facial. The facial massage will increase the oxygen that is flowing to the skin which helps the collagen as well as creates a glow from within. When using your hands for the massage, doing firm movements across and upwards on the face will stimulate the blood flow or using a facial tool, will deliver the same results.



After 15-20 minutes masking, the final stage of the facial is moisturising. At this point, the skin has been cleaned, the cells are renewed leaving a smoother complexion and your targeted products have been added to the skin to achieve your desired result. To ensure that the treatment remains locked into the skin, moisturising straight after masking will ensure the benefits of the mask and serum remain with the skin and don’t get sucked into the air, resulting in a dry complexion. Your choice of moisturiser can be dependent on your skin’s concern but a good night cream or emulsion will work to lock in hydration and allow the skin to relax after the facial. The Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream is a powerful solution for the final step of any at home facial treatments, aside from being ultra-hydrating, it revitalises the skin, combats the signs of ageing and stimulates cell regeneration, waking up to smoother, hydrated and radiant skin. For skin types that can’t take a rich moisturiser then applying an emulsion as the final step will carry similar benefits as a moisturiser but with less weight. The Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion is perfect as a lightweight option because not only absorbing instantly, it brightens skin through the liquorice root extract, improves hyperpigmentation and volumizes the skin due to holding the moisture in the skin.

Don’t forget to add SPF, especially if you worked a peel into your treatment and with the final step locking the treatment into the skin, your skin will feel smoother, brighter and radiant.