Introducing the brand new, first-to-market range that was inspired by the incredible therapeutic benefits of cryotherapy. The Regenerative collection - designed to tighten, tone, and sculpt the skin.

As this highly-effective collection is launched, so are two brand new 111SKIN serums: Cryo Energising Face Serum and Cryo Energising Body Serum. These products mimic the restorative effects of extreme cold on the skin. By harnessing the power of cryotherapy and utilising the most innovative ingredients, 111SKIN has created a line that will reawaken skin, making it appear tighter, look more evenly-toned, and feel rejuvenated by the fresh yet active ingredient-rich formulas.

The concept of cryotherapy is thousands of years old with some claiming that the ancient, but advanced, Egyptians used it to treat a range of ailments. Exposure of the body to -80°C stimulates a multitude of health benefits including improving the body’s metabolic rate to help weight loss, improved circulation, and a boost in oxygen in-take for reinvigoration. These ground-breaking new serums are inspired by this powerful treatment; tightening, invigorating, and toning skin on the body and the face. The hottest trend in wellness treatments, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Jessica Alba and even Bond himself, Daniel Craig, swear by the treatment.

“The science behind cryotherapy is very well-known and has been exploited by movie stars to elite athletes due to its highly restorative benefits. We have developed products that simulate these benefits outside of the cryo chamber. The range is highly transformative, it feels fresh and light and it has long-term effects on skin’s appearance.” Dr. Yannis.

Refreshing and fast-acting, this super-charged serum is ultra-light and coolly soothing yet exceptionally powerful, combining some of the industry’s most innovative and robust ingredients. Tightening, resurfacing and protecting; it will leave you with a bright and firm complexion.

Sesaflash, a clinically-proven key ingredient in the Cryo Energising Face Serum, is specifically formulated to tighten and firm the skin. From the first application to the face the Sesaflash works to tighten and tone, without discomfort, leaving the skin smooth and even in tone and texture.  

Additionally, the potent cocktail contains Riboxyl to energise and Neurobiox to exfoliate; this serum acts like no other serum on the market. This is next-generation skincare technology that will transform a dull, sallow, and lifeless complexion to a luminous canvas. Cryotherapy works to stimulate the cells and create a glow to the face; this serum uses this as inspiration, giving you an energised, active, post-chill radiance.

Formulated to sculpt, tone, and smooth the skin, this potent daily serum replicates the effects of extreme cold on the skin to shape the silhouette and leave skin supple and glowing. The first all over body serum produced by 111SKIN, this is a brand new innovation supported by Dr Yannis’ years of clinical knowledge and expertise.

Cryotherapy stimulates the circulation around the body; tightening the skin and sculpting the silhouette. Inspired by the compelling results, the Cryo Energising Body Serum firms and smooths the lines of the body; giving a sculpted appearance to the areas of application. These ground breaking results are driven by Pephatight, a key ingredient in this innovative serum.

Pephatight tightens the skin; appearing to lift and firm the whole body. Containing Vitamin C to brighten and B12 to strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin, the skin on the body is sculpted and more evenly-toned; much as it would be after stepping into the minus-freezing temperature of a cryotherapy chamber. The serum removes rough skin with Multifruit BSC - natural but powerful botanical extracts such as bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon that work to resurface for a brightened, smooth result. Finally, the serum energises skin cells with Riboxyl for revitalisation.

The Regenerative Collection acts to energise, rejuvenate, tone, tighten and sculpt the appearance of the skin. Harness the power of cold in your skincare.