What the glossy magazine’s writer thought of 111SKIN’s Black Diamond Facial


“The Celestial Black Diamond Facial created by renowned plastic surgeon and owner of 111SKIN, Dr Yannis Alexandrides, has been dubbed the answer to a non-surgical face lift, combining *actual* black diamond microspheres with ingredients such as retinol, glycopeptides and collagen-stimulating actives to make skin appear more youthful and boost overall skin health.

Created as an alternative to his in-clinic procedures, the facials and 111SKIN range are considerably cheaper, but at £350 for the Celestial Black Diamond Facial (minus the post-treatment prescription you receive), it's definitely a more luxury treatment.

One of the pioneers of the treatment, Head Aesthetician, Milena Naydenov says: “This treatment is our most intensive facial, using 111SKIN’s science-led formulas with diamond powder to increase the absorption of active ingredients to ease fine lines and wrinkles. Using surgically-inspired masks and aesthetician-grade exfoliating acids, skin is left smoother, lifted and contoured. Offering aesthetic performance and a multi-sensory, opulent relaxing ambience in tandem to provide the ultimate facial treatment.”

Best of all? I can actually see a difference in my skin. My under-eyes (which are usually VERY bag-heavy) look bright and lifted, and my skin feels firmer and has a glowy sheen to it. I'm no Bella Hadid but my cheekbones look contoured just from one session and my face looks noticeably thinner and my jawline chiseled.”

See Sophie Thompson’s full review here.

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