London Fashion Week has started and, Harley Street surgeon and founder of 111SKIN, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, finds his clinic incredibly busy trying to alleviate the typical Fashion Week skin issues. “London Fashion week, and the run up to it, is a particularly busy time for me because there are a lot of skin complaints that come along with such an intense and scrutinised time. There are cameras everywhere so beauty editors and models feel that they need an extra helping hand to look Fashion Week ready.”

Fashion Week is a busy time for all those involved; models, fashion and beauty editors, designers and their teams. Jet-setting between cities, working late hours and early mornings, chasing stories, running from show to show and having heavy, thick makeup applied and removed over and over throughout the day can blight the complexion throughout Fashion Week. The result is tired and stressed skin which can manifest itself as blemishes, sallow complexions, under eye circles and other skin issues.

The diary is hectic enough without having to find brand new skincare regimes to implement – instead, current routines can be boosted with the 111SKIN Prescriptive range. Inspired by and formulated with clinical ingredients, these Boosters pack a powerful punch; they’ll be a welcome addition to any fashion week beauty bag. Each focusing on hydration, brightening and neutralising environmental stresses, they’re also only 20ml which makes them perfect for hand luggage.

It seems that the water bottle is a fashion accessory in itself, they’re always seen backstage, and clutched by fashion and beauty editors and celebs on the FROW. Opting for wholesome water over tempting champagne at the Fashion Week parties will have a positive effect on skin’s health. The same would apply during air travel; hydration is a particular concern for those with a jet set lifestyle, often skin’s moisture levels are compromised which in turn makes the complexion dull, and fine lines can become more pronounced.

Space Aqua Booster is pure hydration in a bottle. The potent concentrate contains two scientifically proven complexes for an insta-boost that replenishes and rehydrates dry skin. It’s oil-free, so won’t lead to breakouts or feel heavy on the skin. Lactil® instantly revives the complexion by mimicking the skin’s National Moisturising Factors (NMF) – these are a whole host of skin-loving elements which keep the first layer of skin looking and feeling healthy. S.H. CN®, a hyaluronic acid complex, boosts skin’s hydration levels by an astounding 30% over three hours. Hyaluronic acid is a natural element in skin which binds water – this action keep skin moisturised, plump and fine lines are less visible. Finally, Vitamin E protects and soothes dry, irritated skin. An extra tip is to add a few drops to foundation; make-up will be crease-free, comfortable and long-lasting.


London, New York, Milan, Paris; all beautiful cities, but all rife with environmental nasties, such as high pollution levels, that can age and damage skin; added to late nights, sips of champagne, air travel and makeup, this is a recipe for irritated, angry, blemished skin. Space Anti Oxidant Booster contains a concentrated mixture of vital antioxidants which battle against premature signs of ageing. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which protects cell vitality by creating a defence barrier against daily environmental aggressors; a secondary property of this ingredient is brightening. The Booster also contains powerful plant-derived Grape Seed which combines skin-protecting compounds such as Resveratrol, Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid. A few drops of this oil-free formula will provide a protective barrier so there’ll be no need to worry about the detrimental effects of Fashion Week.

Finally, the complexion can be dull and lacklustre from the demanding and harrowing Fashion Week schedule. Skin is fatigued, skin tone is left uneven and the canvas is pallid and washed out; selfie-ready it is not. Kopcinol is a potent and key ingredient of Space Brightening Booster; this helps to fade dark spots and prevents the formation of melanin; thus preventing further dulling pigmentation issues. Glutathione, a natural antioxidant, also works to prevent age spots that can impair radiance. Vitamin C, as touched upon earlier, is a skin brightener that’ll bring a luminosity that’ll light up the visage; selfie-ready it will be! Only apply at night and ensure that a suitable SPF is applied – SPF 50 is ideal regardless of the weather.

“The Prescriptive Collection was designed as an add-on for existing skincare regimes to remedy clinical issues with clinically-inspired ingredients. The Boosters are perfect for Fashion Week to neutralise all the negative effects it can have, and handy in small, 20ml bottles that can be taken all over the world. Prevention is always better than cure, and it’s imperative to look after skin so that invasive procedures are a last resort – this includes during the frantic Fashion Week schedule that many endure,” concludes Dr. Yannis.