Harness the power of cold with this technologically advanced and innovative body treatment brought to you by world renowned Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides and founder of 111SKIN.


What is Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy is a cold treatment which has been practised for thousands of years to treat joint pain, skin conditions and wounds. More recently Cryotherapy is used by athletes for muscle recovery and mental management. Celebrities are also going for treatments as Cryotherapy is known to have amazing beauty and anti-aging benefits.


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111CRYO is the first Whole Body electrically powered Cryotherapy chamber in the UK, exclusive to Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge. Designed with the clinical knowledge of Dr Yannis Alexandrides using cutting edge technology, this wellbeing treatment offers you a whole range of beauty and health benefits, being Sports Conditioning, Beauty Enhancement, Weight Management and Pain Relief.

For 3 minutes you are submerged into the -90c chamber. You will walk out refreshed, energised and your skin will instantly have a glow. 

111CRYO has only been open for one month and already 111CRYO have welcomed the likes of Actress Sadie Frost, Radio One Presenter Nick Grimshaw, Made in Chelsea Stars Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue to experience the benefits of Cryotherapy.

They have been very vocal about their love for 111CRYO and Cryotherapy for all its beauty and healthy benefits.


111cryo fans tell us why they love cryotherapy


“My latest obsession #111CRYO. I've been wanting to try this form of cold therapy ever since I read athletes use it for recovery, pain relief and rehab. I'm hoping it will help my lower back-pain- plus it's also meant to have beauty benefits like skin tightening and even boost the metabolism. So, how does it work? You stand in a booth at -91C for 3 minutes, it's definitely cold but bearable and the immediate results are a real surge of energy and a rosy glow. I've had three sessions so far and can't wait to get back in tomorrow #AlexLoves” Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director for GLAMOUR Magazine 

“Feeling a bit hot? It's not every day you get frozen to -90 degrees. But the pleasure can now be yours at @harveynichols London in the new cryotherapy chamber 111cryo. The health benefits are amazing - an instant glow & increased metabolism. Go on, I dare you!” – Rosie Nixon, Hello! Magazine Editor-In-Chief

“One of the most surreal and euphoric experiences I've had in a while. A casual full body submersion in a chamber cooled to -200F. Was pretty sceptical but now I've warmed up I can't stop smiling.” – Sofia V Ball


International Director for Vogue Kathy Phillips goes to 111cryo


“The things we do for research. Minus 88 degrees in this cryotherapy chamber plus the attractive outfit. Did I Feel good? Oh yes.” – Kathy Philips, Vogue international Director

“Going into a minus 90 degree chamber is one way to cool down today”. – Lydia A Thompson, Beauty editor from look mag

“you're never alone (a trainer is with you just outside the glass door and counts you down and does simple exercise movements with you to keep warm) and I came out feeling totally exhilarated and on a high. The treatment is said to boost circulation, boost oxygen intake to reinvigorate, and boost tour metabolic rate (so can be an aid to weight loss). Oh and it's a great way to help to combat jetlag. I felt on a high for the rest of the day after mine. .” – Edwina Chambers, Freelance Beauty Writer

Freezing my assets – Actress, Sadie foster


made in Chelsea start millie macktintosh loves 111cryo


“Feeling pretty good after 3 minutes in a -90 chamber” – Millie Macintosh

“Freshly frozen” -  Michael Hennegan Fashion and Lifestyle Editor, The Sunday Times Style

“So good for muscle recovery and circulation.” – Emma Walsh

“Thank you 111cryo for the most amazing experience…You come out feeling so happy and buzzing and your body feels energised Bradley Simmonds really loved it too! We can't wait to do it again” – beauty blogger

“Stripped down to try out the latest 3 min cryotherapy chamber. It’s meant to boost the immune system, help speed up healing time on muscle injuries and give one a kick of adrenaline +endorphins. Loved it!!” – Beauty Journalist Olivia falcon


Harvey Nichols beauty writer reviewed her experience at 111cryo


“SUCH an incredible experience 111CRYO at Harvey Nichols. 3 minutes in -92 and I felt INCREDIBLE afterwards. Revived and quite literally fresh!”  - Rosie Fortescue  

“It's my 2nd 111CRYO body treatment! Love the way it makes me feel so energised, boosts my immune system and makes me laugh while I dancing...for 3 minutes.” – Lisa Snowdon

“Feeling seriously fresh after #Cryotherapy at 111CRYO” – Roxie Nafousi


111CRYO featured in grazia magazine in spetember 2016


"The minute we exited, the endorphins kicked in. We felt energised and buzzy – Grazia

“I also tried out 111 Cryo this week in Harvey Nichols. There is such a buzz at the moment about it, I just had to try! I didn’t know how I felt about being in minus 92 degrees for three minutes but honestly, it was totally manageable!” - Evening standard, Rosie Fortescue

“Immediately, tingly, giddy and significantly rejuvenated (clearly those happy hormones working), I returned to the office a better woman that had risen earlier that morning.

"When I emerge, this megarich blood rushes back to the surface and my skin develops a tight-pored gleam and rosy glow... When I leave, my body is vibrating, as if it's saying thank you. It feels like I'm less puffy." - Sunday Times Style's Kate Spicer

As the day continued, colleagues noted I had a certain glow, and I boasted a smug sense of calmness and alertness. The kind of feeling you have post an incredible workout, but without, well, the workout…” - Harvey Nichols beauty writer


visit 111cryo yourself to experience all the healthy and beauty benefits


To experience 111CRYO for yourself book a session here: www.111CRYO.com  

Cryotherapy has a number of health and wellbeing benefits.

111CRYO is good for Sports conditioning – Speeds up the muscle recover time and the rush of endorphin's improves mental focus and motivation. Beauty Enhancements - the extreme cold reduces the size of pores and also increase the stimulation of collagen for anti-ageing benefits.Weight Management – being in -90c stimulates the metabolic rate and gets the body working to burn up to 800 calories. Pain Relief - The short bust of air rejuvenates the body and mind and with the bust of endorphins starts-up the body’s recovery and healing systems.

You can also achieve the beauty benefits of Cryotherapy at home with our Cryotherapy inspired Regenerative Collection.



Mimic the effects of Cryotherapy at home with the Regenerative Collection, both serums stimulate the cells regrowth and renewal resulting in revitalised and transformed skin.


111skin cryo energising face serum mimics the effects of cryotherapy


The Cryo Energising Face Serum is a ultra-light fast acting lightweight serum which reawakens your dull complexion to renew and revitalise. The powerful serum uses proven ingredients that tightens and resurfaces the skin as well as protects leaving your complexion firm and glowing.


111skin cryo energising body serum mimics the effects of cryotherapy


The Cryo Energising Body Serum is the first of its kind to tighten, tone and sculpt the skin.  A thin film is left on the body which acts to tighten and soft the skin leaving your body smooth, glowing and rejuvenated.