A light weight, super-charged serum that tightens, sculpts and transforms. Harnessing the invigorating and body-changing power of cryotherapy; this is the new generation in body sculpting skincare. Stimulating and innovative ingredients allow Cryo Energising Body Serum to get to work smoothing and resurfacing the silhouette; creating a sculpted appearance and tightened feel.

Much like the instantly effective practice of cryotherapy; Cryo Energising Body Serum acts as this immediate all-over body boost. Submerging the body in a -90°C chamber has multiple benefits; and with the power of cryotherapy and with the backing of years of skincare and scientific knowledge the Cryo Energising Body Serum has been developed to be whole body cryotherapy in a bottle. Recharging and recuperating, it mimics the bodily transformation that cryotherapy can offer with its potent and powerful ingredients.

Clinically tested and approved Pephatight, a key ingredient in the serum, acts to tighten the skin from immediate application. Forming a thin, undetectable film over the areas of application, this tightens and sculpts instantly; the skin is firm and smooth and the appearance of loose or sagging skin is drastically approved. With continued application Pephatight acts as a shield to protect from external aggressors; the super-charged film on the skin reacts to pollution and stresses to halt damage and stop the skin from wearing down and being left over tired and over worked. This miracle ingredient is the instant skin firming and prolonged skin protector that the body needs to appear smooth and sculpted.

The skin on the body is often left untreated and neglected; the complexion may be glowing, but neglecting the body can leave it tired and lethargic, lacking that much coveted inner glow. By gently but powerfully exfoliating skin cells and encouraging cell renewal, Cryo Energising Body Serum leaves the whole body radiant and smooth. Multifruit BSC is a potent key ingredient that offers this deep exfoliation to the skin; through continued use the skin is left supple and soft, the appearance if lifted and smoothed. It acts to reawaken the whole body, to perk up a sallow skin appearance and aid the appearance of a youthful and spirited glow.

Deep hydration for the skin is a key element in many 111SKIN products, and the Regenerative range is no different. Regardless of skin type, increasing moisture levels is integral for a plumped, glowing appearance and for transformed skin. However, whilst developing Cryo Energising Body Serum creating an ‘anti-dehydration’ shield to keep the skins moisture levels high was key. Throughout the day the skin’s moisture level dips, even after using moisturiser the skin can still be dehydrated and parched. Aquaxyl, a key ingredient in Cryo Energising Body Serum, locks in the skins moisture levels, and creates this powerful skin ‘shield’ that protects against losing integral hydration and keeping the skin bright, fresh and awake.