The supplement solution to a clear complexion.

Clarity Beauty Dose

The supplement solution to a clear complexion.

If you were to advise a London guide, what would be on your list?

Well, As I grew up in Notting Hill, it will always have my heart and if I was recommending spots in London, a wander around Notting Hill would be high up on my list. From there it would be all the best shopping destinations, the iconic private members club, Annabels, Harrods and Liberty’s for any cute and unique gifts. I would always pop into 111CRYO at Harrods for the Cryo Facial and treatment for the ultimate recharge. Sometimes the city is great, but the beautiful secrets of the English countryside is something that should be experienced.

Your In-Flight Essentials?

I don’t have a routine per say and I am certainly not as thorough as Naomi Campbell but I would apply the Meso Infusion Lip Duo and I would always wipe my phone down with anti-bacterial wipes, in fact I do this every day, the bacteria build up is no good for the skin.

In terms of Industry, where do you see the hair industry going?

Well Instagram has changed so much and has impacted the way we consume and learn within the industry, especially with so many creatives, but I still find that a massive amount of people come to the professionals to share the knowledge on how to carry out or complete a desired look, more than ever there is power behind ‘how-to’ videos.

A very valid point and in terms of 2020?

In terms of what we are to see in 2020, things are going to be super creative and we will see a wider awareness for people doing their own thing and it will be expressive and artistic. People will move away from the overtly glamorous looks and will create looks they can tailor to their everyday. As it’s currently Award Season which is the busiest time of the year leading up to the Met Ball, hairstyles are certainly more elaborate, and everyone loves an up do. I would say the most timeless look has to be the blunt bob, it comes around year on year, but it is effortless and timeless.

Outside of hair, what other industries are you into?

I am hugely into Interiors and I would describe my style as 60s/70s glamour, think elaborate and dramatic but I often fantasise about 80s Dallas and Joan Collins and I have to reign myself in. I also love Baking; it is the ultimate way to relax and I find that it is my meditation and therapy. If I’m in the USA I would bake a lot of cookies as everyone is obsessed with then over here and in the UK, I would bake more traditional styles like a lemon tart or an apple tart – it allows for me to be creative outside of my job.

Finally, the best advice you have ever received?

It would have to be from my grandfather, he would often say to me “it’s not how well you’re doing but how well people think you’re doing”. I haven’t successfully implemented it however you can look to Instagram today and people see our work and are blown away by it, but we can be so hard on ourselves and not appreciate our own work ourselves.


Active ingredients include:


Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral in the body that is able to decrease the severity of acne, blemishes and early signs of maturing skin.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is essential in the body’s natural collagen synthesis, helping to heal post-inflammatory pigmentation and relieve dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid:

A soothing vitamin-like antioxidant that is both water and fat soluble, Alpha-Lipoic Acid is capable of energising Vitamins E and C to function at their peak performance. It is also a cofactor to at least 5 enzymatic reactions, making it crucial for digestion, absorption, and the creation of energy. Present in the mitochondria, it has previously been referred to as 'The Elixir of Life'.


A freshwater algae rich in protein and omegas, this superfood has potent detoxifying properties for heavy metals while enhancing immune function.

Evening Primrose Extract:

Famed for its beautifying effects throughout history, Primrose works to reduce skin inflammation and promote healthy cell function, calming redness, rosacea and blemish-prone complexions.

Probiotic Blend:

A blend of over 2 billion prebiotic cultures that recolonise the gut with good bacteria, probiotics are integral to intestinal health that is subsequently reflected in the skin’s microbiome.

Digestive Enzyme Blend:

Due to the toxic nature of modern life, our gut often contains unhealthy bacteria and mucoid plaque. A potent complex, these enzymes work to break down both toxins and have them naturally expelled. Complexion Complex: Combining the antioxidant abilities of bioavailable polyphenols from grape, french melon, zinc & vitamin C, this complex works to illuminate, brighten and refresh your complexion.