CBD Facial at 111 Harley St, London


Harley Street is an address to reckon with. One thinks of surgical knives and doctors gliding about in Rolls-Royces. In fact, 111 Harley St, founded by Dr Yannis Alexandrides, does offer surgical procedures, but it also offers ample reassurance, a calm ambience and some very gentle grooming procedures. In this instance, my procedure, CBD, has nothing to do with the cannabis derivative but rather stands for Celestial Black Diamond Facial. Ridiculous name, perhaps, but it is an anti-ageing facial and frankly, I need it. I fear I look like a hippo with a hangover. This hour-long treatment is what one might call luxurious: beautifully relaxing, but intricate. My delightful facialist gives me a neck-and-shoulder massage that nearly sends me into a happy sleep and then applies several layers of lotions in sequence. When I leave, I already look refreshed, my skin glows. I am very pleased. According to Dr Alexandrides, the solutions contain nano particles which transport his own formula, NAC Y2, in combination with arbutin, hyaluronic acid and Argireline deep below the skins outer layer.

Verdict: relaxing and brightening and really very enjoyable.


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