The countdown to complexion perfect

One Week Before

Bridal Planner - One Week To Go

“With the wedding almost upon you, you’ll be experiencing a number of feelings, from anticipation and butterflies, to stress and sleepless nights. This is when it’s time to be extra kind to your skin to offset some of these negative effects and focus on reparation and hydration. Stick to trusted formulas that focus on moisturising and healing. It’s not time to start experimenting!”

Dr Yannis Alexandrides

These wise words could not be more true. By now your skin will be in the final stages of its cellular renewal, benefitting from the improved routine instigated in your skincare, gut and sleep.

This close to the wedding date, it is really only topical treatments that are advisable to adhere too, however there are several non-surgical treatments at 111 Harley St. that could also be appropriate if needs must.

For topical, at home treatments, renewal and hydration should be the primary focuses of this week. For skin that remains troubled, stressed or blemished, a deeper renewal comes in the form of the CO2 Crystallising Energy Mask. The mask harnesses the ‘Bohr Effect’ by infusing the dermis with CO2 and subsequently causing the body to retaliate with high levels of oxygen, in turn reinvigorating troubled and lifeless skin.

“The Bohr Effect is credited with improving collagen and elastin synthesis, giving skin a tightening effect and improving O2 levels for an awakened complexion. It also provides the optimum environment for ingredients to be absorbed deeply into the most functional areas of the skin; we have included additional brightening and nourishing ingredients to exploit this characteristic to create a mask that is incredibly potent and effective.”

In addition to using the CO2 Crystallising Energy Mask, an increase in hydration focused product will ensure the skin is brimming with moisture for an ever-increasing luminescence leading up to the big day. First, prime your skin with the Space Aqua Booster in a more generous way than you have previously been doing; it will immediately elevate moisture levels by up to 30%, while the Vitamin E and Niacinamide will strengthening the epidermal barrier. Alternatively, if you feel your skin needs moisture and nutrition, the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask delivers both in a bio cellulose design that is 500x finer than traditional tissue masks – it’s fundamentally a second skin. Seal these methods of hydration with the Space Anti Age Day Cream or the Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream – both emollients will lock in and add to moisture levels.

111 Harley St.

In clinic treatments (courtesy of 111 Harley St.) can also be heavily beneficial in addition to the above, particularly if you have thicker or aged skin, both of which have trouble holding onto moisture. The deep hydration treatment will fill the full epidermis with hyaluronic acid, ensuring any parts that were neglected or impenetrable by topical treatments are seen too. If you have a sudden, last-minute breakout then the Isolaz treatment (fundamentally a light therapy treatment that destroys bacteria) will immediately calm and significantly diminish the appearance of spots.