All That Glitters Is (Rose) Gold

Leila Kashanipour on branding, beauty and her 

black diamond staples…


Tell us about your brand, Leivankash.

I started my brand, Leivankash Jewellery in 2011 in London. I studied Jewellery Design and Making for my BA at Central Saint Martins. I also did a GIA course in diamond grading right after; it comes in handy when I design custom made engagement rings for clients. 

My Flora, Totem, Skullmania, Damocles, Fortuna and Unicorn collections are all hand made by me where I carve my ideas into wax and then cast them. After polishing, stone mounting and gold plating they become the pieces you see online and in stores! That’s exactly what I did for our special 111 Skin Rose Pendant. We enjoy collaboration projects and are so happy to do this beautiful piece alongside 111SKIN’s Rose Gold range for the Chelsea Flower Show.


What drew you to collaborating with 111SKIN? 

I had come to know the lovely Eva, founder of 111SKIN over the years through mutual friends. So I guess it was a collaboration designed to happen as we share the same audience! 


What do you think are the similarities between 111SKIN & Leivankash?

I believe our clients are very similar. They appreciate beauty, whether it’s in skincare, health, food, design or fashion. 


What is your beauty philosophy? 

For me, beauty has to come from within and I find that when that happens it reflects on the outside. When I eat well, do my workout, have a productive day, spend time with my baby, catch up with a handful of my good friends, take care of my skin and follow my routine, I feel good on the outside and subsequently beautiful.


What is your skincare routine?

I didn’t have a routine until a year ago but as soon as I gave birth I started seeing changes in my skin texture. I quickly realised I need to take care of my skin like a grown up! So I do regular facials and I try out different treatments. I do masks once a week at night during my me time. In the morning I rinse my face with a mild cleanser, apply vitamin C, a day serum and a oil-free moisturiser. At night I use oils to remove my makeup and then wash it off with a cleanser. I then apply retinol 3 nights a week, followed by a night serum and a night moisturiser. I wear SPF and will protect my face from tanning this summer!!



Is 111SKIN part of that routine? When and with what product(s)?

Yes!!! The Y Theorem Repair Serum, Black Diamond Retinol Oil and Black Diamond Eye Cream are staples of mine. I have my eyes on a few products I would like to try as well!


Are there 111 Harley Street skin treatments you have or do you keep your maintenance purely product-based? 

I am booked in to do the new contrast therapy HEAT treatment at 111CRYO. I am looking forward to reporting back on that!


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