The summer months are heating up, and it’s the season of holidays, beach escapes and spending those air miles. As enjoyable as the exotic travelling can be, jumping on a jet plane is notoriously bad for the complexion. Many celebs are snapped post-flight looking as fresh as a daisy, like they’ve had the best sleep of their lives. To emulate this coveted glow, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides has compiled his top travelling skincare tips and the products you should be using to keep your complexion fresh and glowing; even on that 12 hour long-haul flight.

Before heading to the departure lounge, it’s of upmost importance to remove all make up. A fresh and clean complexion ensures pores won’t get clogged and it’s fully prepped for an on-board pamper session. The Lift Off Purifying Cleanser is an ideal gentle but powerful cleanser that will remove all traces of makeup as well as leaving the skin sparkling and clean. The powerful Lactic Acid in the cleanser gently exfoliates; ensuring no pore-clogging make-up and dirt and grime is left behind. “Removing make-up is an essential step before flight travel, no matter how long the flight. This ensures the skin has the most potential to stay balanced and refreshed throughout.” Explains Dr. Yannis.

Flights are notoriously drying, not only for the skin, but the whole body feels the detrimental effects of the dry, recycled air on board. This can leave the brain foggy, and the body more susceptible to headaches and feeling lethargic. It’s important to regularly freshen up the body and face, especially when on long haul flights. Splashing cold water on the wrists and neck and other pressure points on the body will encourage blood flow and cool down the body. To freshen and energise the face, try the Daily Orbit Energising Essence. A lightweight, refreshing toner that will re-awaken tired skin and add a hydrating boost to the complexion, all whilst ensuring the skin’s natural PH balance remains.  

Flights can be uncomfortable and stressful; use the spare hours to meditate, relax and unwind. Forget the on-board entertainment, create a soothing playlist of your favourite songs to take you away to your beach paradise and help you switch off. Use noise cancelling headphones and a sleeping mask to truly fake an escape. No relaxation session is complete without a hydrating and restorative sheet mask; the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask is an ideal addition to any on-board meditation. The cooling power will make you feel soothed and comfortable, whilst the mask itself sticks to the skin with no worry of slipping down. Finding 20 minutes to yourself during the working week can be tough, so use the time travelling to give yourself and your skin the boost it needs.

Hydration is key on long-haul flights; the air pressure strips the skin of its natural moisture and can leave it parched and thirsty. “When flying say no to the free wine, and reach instead for water. The effects of alcohol when flying are extremely detrimental to a good complexion. Keeping hydrated will support the skin, as well as the whole body, on long and uncomfortable flights,” suggests Dr. Yannis. Sip on a bottle of water for continuous hydration throughout the flight and travelling period. For the skin, apply the Space Aqua Booster; within 3 hours the skins hydration levels increase by 30%, and the harsh and drying effects of flying are far lessened. Dab two or three drops across the complexion after using the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask to make the most of these hydrating products.

Making the most of your free time on the plane by investing in your skincare routine will ensure a dewy, awake and invigorated complexion. You’ll step off the jet selfie-ready and prepared for the adventure that lies ahead.