A celebration of all things Lunar

A celebration of all things Lunar

An ancient Chinese tradition, the Moon festival derives from emperors who would worship the moon to thank it for the harvest. The festival has grown into a bigger tradition and is a time for family and friends to gather together and celebrate their hard work and harvest.

Inspired by the lunar phases, LUNAR28 is a unique brightening and anti-ageing system formulated by Dr Yannis Alexandrides to replicate the effects of a clinical resurfacing treatment. The treatment is designed to be used at night and follow the lunar phases - a physiological cycle our circadian rhythm is aligned too.


First Quarter  

(week 1)

Prior to modifying skin tone and texture, this first treatment - to be used for seven days consistently - acts as a resurfacing peel. This is created through a potent complex within the formula that encourages exfoliation to reveal a fresh layer of skin. The result is a complexion more even in tone, smaller in pore visibility and smoother in texture.

Full Moon  

(week 2)

The beginning of the illumination process, this rich serum contains a 1% Retinoid complex and brightening agents that even the appearance of skin tone. The formula also holds a complex that works to reduce the visibility of expression lines for a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Third Quarter  

(week 3)

An intensified treatment on the previous serum that elevates the result from the week prior, this enriched serum contains a 2% Retinoid complex and brightening agents that even the appearance of skin tone. The formula is also treated with humectants which work to hydrate the skin and prevent water loss during the intensive brightening process.

New Moon  

(week 4)

Having resurfaced and renewed your complexion, the final phase focuses on restoring suppleness, softness and moisture within the skin. A complex blend of natural extracts, humectants and synthetic soothers work to calm irritation, restoring the epidermal barrier and strengthening its protective function. After a full 28 days, the skin is left smoother, softer and brighter.