Image Credit: Vogue

I was reading an article in Vogue about Christie Brinkley and her daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook, being signed to IMG modelling agency. I was stopped in my tracks when I read that Christie Brinkley is turning 60 in February! She looks absolutely gorgeous and radiant. Though there have been reports that she's had plastic surgery, she looks naturally gorgeous and not 'plastic.' Here are some tips to achieve Christie's youthful appearance. 


1. Exercise- Exersing helps keep your metabolism on track and your body in shape

2. Sleep!

3.Drink Water- Drinking at least one liter of water is a must to keep skin and body healthy.

4. Healthy Diet- Eating healthy, nutritious food ensures that your skin and body maintains its youthful appearance.

5. Use proper skin creams- Just like you change clothes for different seasons, so you must adapt your skincare regime. During the winter use a cream that provides more moisture and during the summer something lighter.