I love watching the runway during fashion week, not necessarily because I love each outfit but I like to see you the designer creates an atmosphere for the clothing with music, accessories, choice of models and of course beauty. The beauty look can change the look of the clothes from formal to casual and just as the fashion of the runway eventually filters through the high street, beauty does as well. Below I've rounded up some looks from NYFW and unsurprisingly the mood is quite similar natural clean face. Usually 'natural face' is a look that requires makeup but usually has nude or shimmery tones no the face to make it look radiant and luminescent. However all of these looks literally look like the models are not wearing any makeup (save for Marc Jacobs turquoise eyeliner).  Though the looks are a bit on the boring and normal side they are are quite fitting for summer because we all know that makeup tends to be very minimal in the summer. 

Key Tips for Achieving Flawless Looking Makeup:


1. Cleanse- A clean face is always important for flawless makeup. Make sure to use an exfoliating cleanser with AHA or other skin loving acids to remove dead skin twice per week. Shop Cleanser

Marc Jacobs Beauty SS14



2. Moisturise- It is very important to moisturise your skin even if it is dry. Shop Moisturisers

Proenza Schouler Beauty ss14



3.Concealer- Use concealer to cover any blemishes and to brighten the under eye area

Michael Kors Beauty ss14



4. Foundation/BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser- Choose something that feels good on your skin and gives you the amount of coverage you want.

Thakoon Beauty ss14


5. Don't forget your lips! Wear a soothing lip balm for Ultra Soft lips!