acne breakouts
London Fashion Week has just passed and it's been more stressful than ever! If you didn't already know, stress can be a significant factor when it comes to acne breakouts. Stress causes the hormone cortisol to build up and when this happens our skin becomes oilier and our pores become clogged. However, acne breakouts can occur for a number a reasons and a number of factors such as: diet, genetics and hormones can trigger a flare up. 

Expert Opinion on acne breakouts

Today, plastic surgeon and skincare expert Dr Yannis gives his expert advise on treating and preventing breakouts:
"Patients visit me at the 111Harley St. Clinic in London when seeking advice on how to tackle this skincare concern. I also suggest adapting your skincare regime to your skincare needs so that you do not exacerbate the problem. For example, if you suffer from very oily skin, I would recommend an oil-free moisturiser, and applying it once a day on dry zones as opposed to all over the face twice a day. Below are a list of my essential products to help clear up acne:"

Acne products

Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser

The exfoliating cleanser serves a dual purpose as it intensely cleanses the skin without being abrasive and specifically targets blemish prone skin. AHA's are known for their efficiency for treating acne, and the acid based cleanser helps to unclog pores as well as removing excess oils without being harsh on the skin. Beaded exfoliators can damage the skin's surface and make the skin more inflamed whereas an acid based cleanser will gently remove the dead skills cells. 

Ground Control Anti Blemish Tonic

This product was specifically formulated with acne sufferers in mind. The solution contains salicylic acid which will help to remove excess oils from the skin which is responsible for clogging the pores. It helps to neutralise the damaging effects of acne on your complexion, and has a powerful anti-bacterial effect. 

Space Anti Age Day Emulsion

It's common for many to have combination skin and so try not to be tempted to slather the moisturiser all over the skin. Instead, apply the lightweight formula to the try patches and steer clear of the T-Zone.