Just recently, babyface Justin Bieber has been spotted using a facial treatment sheet mask to refresh and rejuvenate his skin. So, is this his secret to staying looking so young? 111SKIN investigate...

Justin Bieber's Babyface

According to articles, the face mask that Justin used was a hydrating sheet mask. The trend of snapping a selfie on Instagram of yourself in a sheet mask continues, and we think you should be part of the revolution by using the 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

Whilst sheet masks have been circulating within the world of Asian skincare for a while, the hype and benefits of using a face mask regularly have only recently surfaced within the UK. 

The Bio Cellulose Face Mask 

So, why does everyone love them now?

Using the 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Mask is a quick, easy and efficient way to treat a number of skincare concerns within just 20 minutes. Our fast-paced lifestyles mean that taking care of our skin using a comprehensive skincare routine isn't always at the forefront of our priorities. Our mask allows you to address problems such as pigmentation, ageing and dehydration in just one short step. 

This Mask was designed with our customers in mind, and we love sharing your photos on Instagram so make sure you tag us using the hashtag #111SKINSelfie so that we can regram your content!