I’ve addressed the issue of ageing during your thirties in previous posts, but I think it is important to revisit this area as there is a considerable amount that can be done to help to prevent and minimise the effects of ageing, particularly with the new products available from 111SKIN.

As I’ve mentioned previously, ageing doesn’t just start to happen during your thirties. Ageing can be exacerbated or become premature due to lifestyle factors and external elements such as exposure to too much sun and pollution. This causes the collagen in our skin to break down, making our complexion look more aged. Below, I list my top rules for skincare in your thirties:

Skincare in your thirties

Rule 1: Always wear UV Protection

UV protection is the essential first step within any anti-ageing routine. The solution to anti-ageing is not within treating ageing, but within preventing and preserving the skin in its best state. That means that you should protect your skin from harmful UV rays on a daily basis using a UV mineral filter to deflect the rays. If the skin is able to absorb the sun’s harmful damage, then you can expect accelerated ageing.

Rule 2: Incorporate antioxidants into your daily routine

Whether you prefer to get your vitamins orally, or apply them topically, either will be beneficial to the skin. Antioxidants help to fight the process that causes skin cells to die, therefore delaying and preventing the ageing process. Studies show that applying antioxidants topically is more beneficial for the skin, and so I recommend applying a pea sized amount of the Space Antioxidant Booster to the skin on a daily basis.

Rule 3: Repair the skin

Whilst you can do all you can to fight the process of ageing, contributing factors that are out of our hands limits the control we have on how fast ageing occurs and how great the effects will be. Therefore, whilst prevention is key, you can also help your complexion by repairing any damaged that has caused. The Y Theorem Repair Serum will help to regenerate skin cells. Use in combination with an acid based exfoliator which will also help to shed dead skin cells.



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