Monday to Friday is a constant battle for our skin. Our emotional feelings towards the week and our lifestyle choices can greatly affect the way our skin behaves. Today, I uncover the solutions to help control your complexion:

The Average Week In Skincare


Monday is widely recognised as the most depressing or stressful day of the week. It is the first day back to work for many of us after what may seem like a short weekend. The stress of waking up early again, the morning panic, and the stressful commute can all cause our skin to become oilier with higher chances of breaking out. In addition, according to the mental health organisation ‘MIND’ up to 70% of us experience what is known as the ‘Sunday Blues’. Often, the Sunday Blues can cause a lack of sleep, resulting in under-eye puffiness.

Take control of the oiliness and dark under eye circles with the Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel and the Ground Control Anti Blemish Tonic. The eye gel will help to minimise puffiness, whilst the tonic will help to remove excess oil.


Whilst Monday is bad enough, many of us actually find that Tuesday is the most stressful day of the week. The change of sleeping patterns also contributes to a change in your complexion.

Although some of us don’t admit it, the fatigue that hits us on Monday can be a reason to skip the gym in the evening and so a lot of us will compensate the loss of fitness by working out extra hard on the Tuesday. A combination of sweat on the skin from the gym and general fatigue can cause our skin to become even oilier and lacklustre.

Combat Tuesday skin with the Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser which will remove the build-up of bacteria from Monday’s and Tuesday’s activities and leave your skin looking refreshed and renewed.


Wednesday is when we get the mid-week slump, otherwise known to many of us as ‘hump day’. The lines can begin to furrow by Wednesday as those of us who have office jobs will have spent many hours frowning and squinting.

You should aim to decrease your time spent around electronic and UV-emitting devices such as microwaves and scanners as they will contribute to the breakdown of collagen. Plump out the wrinkles by applying the three times per week, particularly on a Wednesday!


In many of our minds, Thursday is almost the weekend. We’ve made it through the majority of the week, and we are more likely to indulge and let go of our healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, indulgences such as drinking or eating sugary foods can cause the collagen in our skin to breakdown. This results in the contribution of wrinkles and saggy skin.

If you must indulge, then Thursday is the day to boost your collagen levels as much as possible. The Y Theorem Repair Serum will regenerate the skin and help to keep your skin looking plump and youthful.


After a tough week, our skin has battled with the elements such as: stress, pollution, alcohol and UV damage which causes a process of oxidation. Oxidation causes the skin cells to die so Friday is the day for repairing and fighting further damage.

Fight free radical damage with antioxidants in the Space Antioxidant Booster. The vitamins within the serum will help to fight the damage before it surfaces.