Kendall Jenner

Without a doubt, Kendall Jenner’s skin is as supermodel worthy as her style and status. Kendall’s beauty remains untouched and natural, with her dark and beautiful features it is no wonder that the international model is the face of Estée Lauder’s most recent beauty campaign. However, Kendall admits that her skin hasn’t always been as flawless as it is today. In October, Kendall revealed on her blog that she battled with acne throughout her early teen years and sought the advice from her dermatologist Dr. Kidd. Below are Dr. Kidd’s top skincare tips to keep your complexion pimple free like Kendall:

Kendall Jenner's skin

Use a renewing serum at night

According to Dr. Kidd, Kendall likes to use a renewing serum at night. A serum like the Y Theorem repair serum will help to restore any damaged caused to your skin. Infused with Aminocaproic acid and Calendula extract, the serum is perfect for those who have suffered from acne as it calms and soothes inflammation.

Avoid using abrasive scrubs

It is a common misconception that acne sufferers should use exfoliating scrubs in order to unclog the pores and clear out remaining bacteria, however this can actually be worse for your skin. You should also avoid rotating brushes and washcloths as they can spread the bacteria. Instead, opt for an exfoliating acid based cleanser such as the Lift Off Exfoliating Cleanser and gently massage into your skin with warm water. It’ll help to remove impurities and dead skin cells without harming and irritating the skin in the process.

Keep the skin protected

Avoid using too many products on the face as they can cause irritation. Instead, Kendall opts for a simple routine and ensures she stays protected from harmful UV rays with a UV mineral filter such as the Aqua Physics Defence Cream. This product will ensure that you stay protected and moisturised without making the skin too oily.