111SKIN is back in full force! Today, I am going to be discussing with you how to detox your skin from all the toxins that have built up in your skin’s layers over the festive period. December is known for a time of partying and indulgence, and the culmination of a high intake of sugar and alcohol can cause your skin to suffer.

Why is sugar bad for the skin?

With Christmas, the New Year and endless parties, comes a time when we tend to let our general health take a back seat. Instead, we indulge and become gluttonous and consume high amounts of sugary foods and drinks. Not only is sugar bad for the body, but it is also harmful to our skin. Consumption of refined sugar causes of process of glycation. This process breaks down the collagen and elastic in the skin, making it appear more crepey, dry, wrinkly and saggy.

Sugar Detox

So, how can you offset the process of glycation? In order to fight the damage that has been caused to your skin, you need to increase your intake of antioxidants. You can do this by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and by applying the 111SKIN Space Antioxidant Booster to the surface layer of the skin.

Why is alcohol bad for the skin?

Drinking deprives your body of vital antioxidants and vitamins and dehydrates the skin. Alcohol is full of toxins, and so you need to counteract the effects of the lack of moisture and nutrients for the skin.

Alcohol detox

There could be no greater time to give up alcohol, as many are embarking on the challenge of ‘Dry January’. Dry January means giving up alcohol for the entirety of the month. Restore the moisture in your skin by ensuring that you apply plenty of nourishing moisturiser such as the Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream and always remove your makeup before you go to bed.