Yesterday, the opportunity to talk with one of the most famous plastic surgeons in the world interested many stellar ladies of Moscow. Dr Yannis Alexandrides gave a 111SKIN presentation in Moscow's central department store, tsum

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At the presentation of the star guests were able to sample new 111SKIN products, get advice from Dr Yannis Alexandris, and learn the history of his famous anti-aging skincare range with individual consultations. 

What's the history behind the brand?

At the talk, Yannis explained how the brand all came to life. He explained that it all started with the aim of helping his clients to preserve their beauty and youth. With this in mind, Yannis created the cosmetic line 111SKIN in a bid to slow down the aging process.

"I have formulated the skincare line to help the skin recover after surgery. After observing how my clients used them and the results, I noticed how their skin was improving and so did my clients. When they started seeing results, the demand grew. As a result, I was approached by representatives of well-known cosmetic brand, and asked to produce this cream for sale. Since then, we have visited a lot of stores around the world, and now come to Moscow."

Dr Yannis Alexandrides does not advocate going under the knife. He believes that you should use every possible means possible through and use creams to delay time and ageing.

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The products are based on the research of ageing astronauts - a unique patented formula NAC Y2 was created. Speaking the language of science, it is a combination of acetylcysteine, vitamin C, and escin, which increases the production of glutathione - the most important antioxidant that supports the skin and keeps it looking young. 

Celebrity guests included Irina Bezrukov, Catherine Vilkova, Alsou, Eugene Malakhov, Pauline Asker Tatyana Kotova, Maria Ivakova Darya Darya Ekamasova Ekaterina Odintsov, Snezhana Georgieva and others.

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Ekaterina and Dr Yannis

Naturally, all the ladies talk freely and willingly explored the topical theme of plastic surgery. Some admitted that they already mentally prepared for it. For example, the TV presenter Ekaterina Odintsov. 

43-year-old Ekaterina confirmed to that she's open to the possibility of surgery: "As I've been working in television for a long time, I can not think about it. But this is a complex issue. On the one hand, actress, singer, TV presenter can not completely change their appearance because they must remain recogniseable. For example, blepharoplasty can greatly change your eye shape. On the other hand, I want to look fresh. I do sometimes think seriously of considering a facelift. Ageing weakens the facial muscles so we need to restore them. I regularly do exercises, acupressure to help, but at some point this won't be enough. I will definitely do something. And with Dr. Yannis we just discussed endoscopic facelift, a method that can help you to look younger without changing facial features, maybe I will fly to London. Although we, too, have many fine doctors. I'm not decided yet, but time will tell."

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