Exercise can improve our self-esteem and has immense benefits for the health of our body and mental wellbeing, but what does it do for our skin? Like many things, working out can have its positives, but it also has drawbacks. Below I highlight both:


Get The Glow

Exercise that encourages circulation and gets the blood moving around the body promotes the health of the skin and gives you that rosy glow. It also the body because it helps to carry any waste away through the blood, cleansing your skin from the inside.

Can clear up stress related inflammation

Exercise can also release stress which means that any skin conditions such as acne that are brought on by stress can show signs of improving.

Makes you age well

Physical activity brings oxygen to the skin helping you look more youthful. In a study conducted on runners and cyclists that were aged 65+, experts found that the subjects skin resembled that of a healthy 20 to 40 year old. However, too much exercise or undereating will have the opposite effect and cause accelerated ageing.


Can bring on acne flare ups

Whilst exercise can reduce acne flare ups, it also has the ability to cause breakouts. Sweating can cause a build-up of oil which can block the pores and create a build-up of bacteria. Always use an exfoliating cleanser which will dissolve the bacteria and a toner that contains salicylic acid after a workout to remove excess sebum and oils.

Dry Skin

Showering after a workout can cause your skin to dry out and strip the skin of its natural oils. When you shower, ensure that you use a body wash with a creamy texture, and apply a nourishing moisturiser to your face once you’re dry. Dr Alexandrides recommends the 111SKIN Space Anti Age Day Emulsion which is perfect for combination skin that is prone to dryness.