Celestial Black Diamond

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. Our Celestial Black Diamond range has been greatly successful and received positive reviews, which is why we decided to extend the line. Just recently, 111SKIN launched the all new: Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil, Celestial Black Diamond Eye and Lip Contour Gel and the Celestial Black Diamond Bio Cellulose Eye Masks.

Why put black diamonds in skincare products?

What is the ultimate aim for anti-ageing skincare formulators? To create products that will stimulate the growth of collagen. Collagen and elastin act as the skin’s support system. Collagen is the most abundant material within our skin, but as we age it depletes dramatically. Unsurprisingly, a loss of collagen creates a butterfly effect in the process of ageing. Further consequences for the skin include: thinning of the skin, appearance of wrinkles, sagging and discolouration.

The ideal anti-ageing product needs to incorporate some kind of transportation system in order for the active ingredients to be absorbed. 111SKIN have already patented the unique NACY2 formula which activates collagen production, but without an effective transportation method this formula would be rendered useless. Many skincare products on the market have been disregarded as a waste of money because Collagen particles are too large to penetrate the skin’s surface. To overcome this problem, we’ve infused our Black Diamond range with Black Diamond Particles which slip below the surface layer of the skin to deliver the NACY2 formula, thereby stimulating collagen production.